How To Be Friends With Someone Who Has a High IQ

When you find someone who shares your interests and passions, friendship knows no bounds.Intelligence quotients, or the size, shape, and shape of a pal, can be different.If you want to deepen your friendship with a person who has a high or even genius IQ, you have to navigate potential pitfalls of social interactions with highly intelligent people.

Step 1: Don’t focus on the person’s intelligence.

People tend to focus on the person’s intelligence if they are very intelligent.A friend is not a brain.Paying attention to your friend’s personality can help strengthen your friendship.People with higher IQs have fewer friends and may have social anxiety.Because of this, you might want to just do things with your friend alone.It is acceptable to acknowledge your friend’s intelligence, but don’t make it the center feature of your time together.Do activities and talk about things that you both enjoy.Don’t think of your intelligent friend as a stereotype.She isn’t as lively as your other friends, but she’s not like a stiff, intelligent character from a television show.While your intelligent friend might blow you off the map in her field of expertise, she is still a person.She is just as likely to make dumb mistakes, get confused, and need some guidance as you are.It’s not necessary for a good friend to help from time to time.

Step 2: Exchanges have meaning.

It’s important to talk in a friendship.It can make a person feel appreciated.It is the same for someone who is intelligent.Discuss subjects you both enjoy and issues you might be experiencing with your intelligent friend.Be sure to listen to what your friend has to say.This lets your friend know that you care about her.It’s important to mix lighthearted and serious topics in your conversations.They may be silly or intellectual.It is not possible for a person to have a serious or intellectual conversation all the time.If your friend mentions a funny TV show, ask about it and compare it to other shows.To show you care about the person, follow up any statements your friend makes with questions or comments.

Step 3: The focus should be on your friend.

When a person has a high IQ or is smart, others may focus on that part of his or her personality.People have many things to offer beyond their intelligence.Don’t focus on your friend’s brainpower.The person has a great sense of humor and you can turn your attention to that.It shows your friend that your interest is more than his or her knowledge.Before you meet someone, think about their personality.Look for ways to focus on the person’s other qualities in your conversations.You could say, “You are such an adventurous eater!”How do you not get squeamish?Do you want to go out to dinner with my friend?It starts to hurt my brain after a while when I talk about smart things with you.Have you seen the ads for the movie?

Step 4: Common interests can be developed by compromising.

When talking to your friend, mention your own interests.This can help your friend understand that you are interested in more than her brain.It can teach you to compromise in order to develop your friendship.Mention your interests by using your friend’s interests or comments.If your friend mentions wanting to see the latest Star Wars movie, use that as a way to say that they love romantic comedies.I would be interested in seeing Star Wars and maybe changing my mind.

Step 5: Common experiences are built.

Try and do different things together as friends, no matter what your interests are.You can find adventure, have a blast, and strengthen your friendship.Both of you like to do things.This guide will help you find future experiences that can strengthen your friendship.Try a new restaurant or experiment in the kitchen together.You could go skydiving with each other.It’s a good idea to mix serious and fun activities.A highly intelligent scientist is what your friend might be.A trip to a local science museum might be a good way for you to get to know your friend better.This could help you and your friend navigate group dynamics in a positive way.Take a day trip or vacation together.Both of you can get past your friend’s brain if you relax together.It’s important for each of you to have some “me time”, which can be very important to an intelligent person.

Step 6: Do not lose your independence.

In some cases, you may feel intimidated by a friend with a high IQ and assume that every decision they make is right and rational.It is important that you keep asserting your own views and opinions.This shows that you respect your friend while also respecting her independence.It’s important to give your friend space.intelligent people thrive at friendship in which they are not always with the other personBeing friends with other people can make you more intelligent and well-rounded.You should be confident and believe in your opinions.This may lead to more meaningful conversations with your friend.If the person is truly your friend, she will value your opinion and give you the chance to express it without making you feel stupid.

Step 7: Let your friend know that she matters.

Everyone wants to feel appreciated by their friends, family, and peers.People who are intelligent.Make sure that your friend knows that you value her personality and enjoy spending time with her.Even if you don’t like it, show your happiness at your friend’s accomplishments.The ability to be happy no matter what is a sign of a true friend.It is possible to tell or write a message for your friend that says “great job” or “I’m so happy for you!”Sometimes people make fun of your friend or she feels pressure to perform because of her IQ.Listen to your friend’s concerns, figure out a way to address them, and try to cheer up the person.

Step 8: Ask your friend to hang out with other people.

Meeting the friends of a friend is one of the best ways to make a new friend.Consider inviting your friend with a high IQ to meet some of your other friends, which could offer her some new and different perspectives.Many intelligent people don’t do well in large groups, so you may want to keep the group to a manageable 3 or 4 people to start.Don’t mention anything about the person’s IQ to your friends and keep the mood light.Your friends might focus on how smart your friend is and not value her as a multi-layer individual.Before putting together a group event, ask your friend if she is interested in meeting you.Your friend may be more comfortable with you.Your friend may be willing to meet some of your other friends.If the person comes off badly at your activity, make sure your friends know that you enjoy them.Explain that your friend was overwhelmed by the excitement of the people and reverted to intelligence to cope.

Step 9: Accept both positives and negatives.

A friend is more than one-dimensional.Accepting every aspect of your friend’s personality is part of being a good friend.You can forge a better and stronger friendship by taking the ups and downs of your friendship.Understand the quirks of an intelligent friend.She is great at math, but terrible at relating to other people.If your friend feels threatened, she may fall back on her intelligence to boost her confidence.If your friend isn’t hurting another person, let this go.Whenever your friend is having a bad day, be understanding.She is under a lot of stress and it can sometimes make her feel a bit jealous, so you can always explain that she is fun and easy to get along with.I hope you will be able to meet my friend at a better time.

Step 10: You became friends because of that.

There was a spark that started your friendship.If you can’t connect with your friend anymore, think about what bonds you have with them.Think about what you have in common.Did your hobbies spark a friendship?Did you compete in the spelling bee or Model UN at school?Did you both work at a fast food restaurant?Draw on your common interests to keep your friendship strong.Take a peek at your pal’s personality in all of its dimensions.Is your intelligent friend sensitive and kind, or does he have strong insight and the ability to read others?Don’t worry about what upsets you, focus on the qualities that make this person special.

Step 11: You should embrace your friend’s individuality.

Highly intelligent individuals can be very creative and passionate about certain things.It is part of what makes your intelligent friend special that she doesn’t approach problems like other friends.If you are annoyed by your friend’s personality, remember that her intelligence and quirks are as much a part of her as she is.Your friendship can be strengthened by this.Tell your friend if the person is quirky.In a funny way, you can ask, “Do you always have such a spot on comebacks?” or “Could you teach me how to think that rapidly about stuff?”

Step 12: You can also use your special qualities.

A friendship requires participation by two equal individuals, so keep in mind that you are as big a part of the friendship as your intelligent friend.It is important to remember that you have talents and qualities that complement your friendship.Remember the things your friend likes about you.Your friend might appreciate your sense of humor or ability to see the good in people.It is possible to reinforce your friendship by bringing out these qualities in yourself.If necessary, use humor.Bring your friend back down by saying, “While you’re over there being a smarty pants, I think I just found a new adventure for us!”It’s probably not that bad if she is a friend and you don’t avoid saying something because you think she would think you’re dumb.

Step 13: Tell the truth about doubts.

Even with someone who is very intelligent, honesty is a cornerstone of any strong friendship.Remember that the person seeks you out and values your friendship if you’re worried that you aren’t smart enough for your friend.You may find that your friend has the same fears that you do.In a non-confrontational manner, broach the subject with your friend.I wonder why you want to be friends with me when you go off on topics like that.Try to focus on your friendship and not on intelligence or a competition of your wits.Don’t let yourself feel intimidated by your friend’s intelligence, remind yourself that there are many things you can do better.

Step 14: Intelligence does not mean social competence.

Think about the intelligent people you know.They are not always great in social situations.Many intelligent people suffer from social anxiety, which may be related to thinking or analyzing situations to much, psyching themselves out, or an inability to deal with emotions.Keeping the social hindrances your intelligent friend may have can help you better navigate your friendship and interactions with others.Supporting your intelligent friend will help her deal with other people more effectively.You could say something like, “Christina and I have been friends for 20 years and she wouldn’t tell you this, but she is a fantastic painter.”

Step 15: Tell your friend to others.

Cuing in other people about your intelligent friend is a good idea if your friend hasn’t met your other friends or they’re meeting for the first time.It is possible that some people will be offended by your friend’s intelligence or responses to situations.Tell your friends about your friend.I am really excited to meet you guys.We have been friends for a long time and she is wonderful.I wanted to let you know that she is smart and can sometimes be a bit shy.Just give yourself a chance to get to know her and I know you will love her as much as I do.I am really sorry my friend came off so arrogant.She doesn’t always do well in social situations, but I can assure you that she’s a really nice person if you give her a chance.

Step 16: When your friend has gone too far, point it out.

Your intelligent friend may get a bit too arrogant or rude with people who aren’t as smart.It is a good idea to point out the problem to your friend and explain why the person did what they did.If you can, avoid embarrassing your friend.Point out the problem in private.Sam’s response to Pat was condescending and unnecessary.He doesn’t have it as easy as you when it comes to developing projects quickly and you should realize that not everyone is like you.Break any tension by making a sarcastic remark.If you want to smooth over any problems, you can say, “well, now that we all feel completely stupid, let’s figure out how to tackle this.”Even if you disagree with a situation, support your friend.If your friend is arrogant about intelligence with another person, you could support her by saying, “I understand why you said what you did, but I might have been a bit more diplomatic in the way I said it.”