How To Be fashion forward for girls.

Have you ever seen a fashion forward girl and thought, “Woah, that girl is so stylish and confident!”You can be that way too.Follow the instructions and you’ll be proud and stylish in no time.

Step 1: If you don’t need the clothes, get rid of them.

If you feel like you need a change, it may be because your old clothes are boring.If you don’t like something in the closet, get rid of it.It will help you find good clothes that you may have forgotten about, and it will also give you more space for new clothes.Don’t get rid of clothes you like because they’re not cool.Your style is up to you.

Step 2: Go to the mall.

Go shopping with your mom.Remember, you’re trying to be original, so make sure whoever you shop with doesn’t judge your style and make you pick what they want.If you can’t find someone to go with, try online or alone.You can feel and see the clothing in real life, while you can’t do that online.

Step 3: Pick the right stores.

Picking stores that are cool won’t do you any good unless you really like the store.Go to stores that sell clothes that you think are cool.Target, H & M, and Forever 21 are some nice stores.

Step 4: Look for bargains.

You should look for deals once you’re in the store.If you’re using your own money, then you should go for deals and cheaper prices.

Step 5: You can find clothes that you like.

Don’t choose your clothes based on what other people think is fashionable.Don’t choose what you like because someone else does.

Step 6: Be inspired.

You can find inspiration from a lot of things.Remember that you’re creating your own style, so don’t get carried away.

Step 7: You can choose a variety of clothes.

Pick a variety of clothes, not just one style or type.Choose from skirts, dresses, pants, shirts, leggings, coats and more.If you’re a man, at least trying on a dress or skirt isn’t the end of the world.You may like it.

Step 8: Try it out.

Try on clothes and see if you like them.If you don’t look good in something, a good shopping buddy will tell you.Try it in a different size.If you don’t like something, never wear it.

Step 9: You should wear different types of clothes.

Don’t keep sets of clothes and only wear them as outfits.That won’t be original.Don’t be afraid to take a fashion risk if you mix things up a bit.Try a skirt with skinny jeans or a scarf as a belt.

Step 10: You should wear your clothes with pride.

Say “Thank you!” if someone says your style rocks.If someone says they don’t like your outfit, say “If I wanted your opinion, I would have asked for it” and walk away.Don’t be afraid to be you!

Step 11: There are nice accessories to wear.

You can try things like belts and scarves.You can go shopping for accessories at stores that sell clothes.

Step 12: Do it yourself.

Look up some cute accessories on the internet.If you know how to knit or sew, you can make yourself a scarf or hat.You can use your talents to your advantage.

Step 13: Wear jewelry that is unique.

You can wear jewellery if you like it.They don’t need to be pure gold; costume jewelry works just as well.Don’t wear jewellery if you do not like it.Style can shine without jewels.

Step 14: Decide if you want to wear makeup.

It’s a choice between you and your parents.If you like, ask them if it’s okay and then do it on the weekends.If your school allows you to wear makeup, wear it!Makeup doesn’t make beauty.It makes it shine brighter.

Step 15: If you want to, wear mascara.

A little makeup can go a long way.It will make you look fake if you wear too much makeup to school.If you like, wear more makeup to parties and on weekends.

Step 16: Follow the rules.

Don’t break the no makeup rule at your school.It would not end well if you got in trouble.

Step 17: Use body wash.

You can get them at Bath and Body Works.The facial products from Lush work very well.

Step 18: You need to wash your face.

You don’t need a million dollar soap, just a scrub or soap.Make sure it is free of oil.Use it if your mother has it.

Step 19: Every day you should shower.

It’s time for you to start showering if you’re a girl over ten.You can use a body wash or conditioner.

Step 20: Have a good time.

Keeping clean should be fun.Bath bombs, sprays, and other fun things can be used.

Step 21: Be confident.

It’s important to remember that confidence is key.The cool style would not be complete without a happy face.It doesn’t mean giving a fake compliment.Be nice and polite.Say thank you and remember that a smile is the best style.