How To Be a Tough Guy

Being a tough guy isn’t a one time decision.You have to pick something every day.Just because you brush your teeth once doesn’t mean you’re done.As an ongoing process, mental and physical strength must be developed.If you want to become a tough guy, make sure you do it for the right reasons.This is a mental state so be prepared to train your mind as well as your body.

Step 1: Try getting a mustache or a stubble.

Only do this if it suits you, not just for the sake of looking tougher.You can try to wear more rugged outfits.Sometimes you don’t have to wear black.You should just wear clothes that allow you to be mobile.

Step 2: Work hard.

Massive arms are tough.Hit the bench press and squats hard when you get in the gym.It’s not necessary for you to tell everyone you’ve been working out.You can achieve your goals faster with the help of supplements.Pushups, Pullups and Dips are bodyweight exercises.You can find a workout regimen that works for you.

Step 3: Take care of yourself.

Don’t be afraid to eat whatever you want, but still eat a balanced diet.This is even harder if you can cook your own meals.Stay in good shape by eating lots of fish and chicken.If you want to be athletic and in shape without being overly conscious of your diet, you need to balance it with a lot of exercise.

Step 4: Martial arts, boxing, self-defense, or wrestling will make you very, very good at whichever one you choose.

People will find out that you are good at these things eventually regardless of how you talk about it.Bragging is not something that a tough guy would do.People will think of you as a fighter when they see you.You will be tough.

Step 5: You need to build up your tolerance for pain.

It’s true that pain is necessary to know when something is wrong, but don’t let it get in the way of your thoughts.This is related to not complaining.If something hurts, learn how to deal with it.It’s not a good idea to stick your hand on a hot stove to build pain tolerance.If you want to experience what it’s like to be in pain for a long period of time, try going on long runs.You can adopt a sport like wrestling.These are ways to build your tolerance for pain.

Step 6: Take a dirty job.

When a list of chores is given out, do what nobody else wants to do and do it with pleasure.You have to adopt the tough guy mentality for this to work.You won’t be doing yourself any favors if you hate the dirty job.Being a tough guy is about making the best of it and not complaining.Take what comes to you and run with it.

Step 7: The lives of famous and historical tough guys are researched.

You will get inspiration from reading about people like Theodore Roosevelt.War strategy books can be read by you.”On War” by Carl von Clausewitz is one of the most notable ones.

Step 8: Don’t complain.

You can start working on this immediately if you want to be a tough can.Don’t look for sympathy from others, even if bad things happen to you, and try to make the best of it.You just have to develop an inner strength to deal with your own problems.Keep everything in perspective.There is no denying that a bad day can be rough.You don’t have to tell everyone about it.Many people have bad days and you can deal with them on your own.It’s a different story if you’re in deep emotional pain and need help.If you walk to a restaurant in the winter and it’s cold, you can handle it.

Step 9: Don’t be afraid.

It is okay to be afraid, but you can overcome it.Bravery is about being afraid of something but doing it anyways.Be assertive.Even though you feel uncomfortable, you can face your fears.Let’s say you’re afraid to drive a motorcycle but you think it looks fun.Maybe you could try it out.You would like to do some scary things.Tough guys like to go outside and improve themselves.

Step 10: It’s possible to be unpredictable and even mysterious.

People will not know what to expect from you if you are unpredictable.You don’t need to constantly talk about your problems with your family.You will earn more respect if you are quiet.The gaps will be filled by people.Don’t complain about your problems, this does not mean you are not allowed to speak.You don’t have to do the classic tough guy things if you’re unpredictable.Take up a sport.You can learn to play guitar.You will be a tough guy if you don’t fit into a box.

Step 11: You have to earn the respect of other people.

Being a tough guy is dependent on having the respect of those around you.You aren’t a tough guy because you say you are.You are doing a good job if other people think you are tough.If you want to excel at it quietly, try to learn a skill or multiple skills.This is a way for people to be respected.Showing off your ego will do the opposite of Bragging.You can earn the respect of others by treating them well, being fair, listening to others opinions, and following your moral compass.If someone doesn’t show you the proper level of respect, do not help them.You do not need to grovel in order to get people to like you.You should avoid that at all costs.If someone doesn’t respect you, earn it quietly or not at all.You are allowed to stand up for yourself if they insult you.Don’t allow anyone to walk over you.

Step 12: Stay calm whenever possible.

When faced with an emergency, many people act tough but then lose their cool or blame other people.Take necessary measures to prevent, correct, and minimize the problem instead of worrying.Being a tough guy doesn’t mean having big muscles or being able to punch really hard.You have to be collected and calm.Control these situations.If a friend gets hurt on a hike, the one who responds quickly should administer first aid.

Step 13: Always be kind to others.

For your friends and those you know are more comfortable than you, this is true.If you can help a person out, you should.Try to do it in a way that doesn’t make you the center of attention.If you take care of your business in a kindhearted way, people will respect you and see you as tough.Do you know what it means to be the white knight?These are the real ways to be tough, such as defending victims of bully and speaking up for mistreated people.You are just being a jerk if you pick on people who are weaker than you.When someone needs your help and when they can figure it out on their own, don’t try to be overly helpful.You don’t have to go to the store to find a comb if someone is searching for one.

Step 14: Don’t be disloyal to those who are loyal to you.

Don’t betray your friends or family.Being a tough guy and showing loyalty will make you a good person.Being loyal is being there for your loved ones through thick and thin.If a family member is sick and needs your help, they should know they can count on you.