How To Be a Rocker

It takes dedication and a sense of music to become a rocker like your idols.Some people are like this, some are not.

Step 1: You can get band t-shirts of your favorite rock groups.

Get some t-shirts with slogans or just plain shirts with concert venues on them.A good old Jack Daniels T-shirt is always a good choice.Skulls aren’t necessarily rocker.The striped thermals are very loud.Black/Gray andBlack/White stripes are the best.

Step 2: You should wear slim pants or tight pants.

It doesn’t matter.It’s up to you.Bondage works as well.Camouflage and black jeans are good choices if you’re going with baggy clothing.It works well with tight, leather, black, or blue jeans.Make sure your jeans have holes in them.

Step 3: A jacket adds a great touch to your look.

Black leather jackets are very good.You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a cheaper leather jacket at your local motorcycle supply shop.A hoodie in a solid color.It would be a good choice, along with striped hoodies.There are good denim jackets.

Step 4: Pick a hairstyle.

Medium, buzzed, and long hair are all fine.

Step 5: Get a pair of shoes.

It really doesn’t matter, whether it’s white trainers or combat boots.Don’t wear Jockey or New Balance shoes.

Step 6: The rocker look requires accessories.

It’s a must to have studded and spiked wristbands.It’s a good idea to wear your rings in excess on your hands.Be careful with gold.Do you want to be mistaken for Flava-Flav?Don’t spend a lot of money if you want to wear sunglasses.Good choices are the Aviator and Wayfarer design.

Step 7: Hats can be nice.

Bandannas, top hats, fedoras and skull caps are all acceptable, just look at Tom Morello.

Step 8: Wear t-shirts.

They should be worn that express “you”.

Step 9: Make sure you love music.

Like, bands like Bon Jovi.You should never deny that you love this kind of music.You should not care if people don’t like you for it.

Step 10: Be your own person.

Don’t act like you are the only one.Rock music is about breaking the mold, doing something nobody else has ever done before.Doing something significant is not just acting stupid.Kurt Cobain said it’s better to be dead than cool.Don’t copy others.”James Hetfield has slicked back hair, I’m doing that, David Draiman has snake fangs, etc.”Set your own trends.You need to know your music.If you want to be a rocker, you have to know what you’re talking about.People will realize you know what you’re talking about if you search for your favorite band on Wikipedia.Do you want to be a rocker?You should be a rocker.To be a “rocker” is not a goal.It’s not a trend.Not a real rocker.All that really means is to be a rock star, or an aspiring musician whose music is generally under any genre of rock.Also, etc.).

Step 11: Know who is in a band.

In Black Sabbath, Slash in Guns N’ Roses, and The Rolling Stones, there are examples.If you can’t back up your band, you’ll look poser.

Step 12: Be nice to everyone.

If you’re nice to people, they will think you are cooler.If you act like a jerk, people will think you’re a loser.

Step 13: Learn.

Consider taking a few voice lessons or buying a guitar, bass, keyboard or a drum set.Try to find a few friends who play an instrument, and try to form a band, write some music and practice!

Step 14: Be yourself.

The rockers aren’t acting like they are.

Step 15: There is a wide range of rock music.

Whitesnake, Black Sabbath, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Guns N’ Roses, and ZZ Top are some of the bands you can listen to.