How To Be a Popstar

Being a pop star means more than just smiling for the camera.It takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to make music that moves people and to perform to the best of your ability.It means forgetting what the tabloids say, working hard to make connections, and always taking your music and moves to the next level.Do you have what it takes to be a pop star?

Step 1: It’s a good idea to be wholesome.

A wholesome factor is one thing that almost all pop stars have in common.You can see that all of the pop stars have a level of wholesomeness, a virginal glow, and a general vibe that they do.When you see that this look has to come with a healthy dose of sex appeal, focus on the wholesomeness first.People want a pop star who they can relate to, not someone who is so stylish, or so much of a bad boy or bad girl, that they have nothing in common.You are not different from the boy or girl next door.Pop stars appeal to an audience of teenagers and pre-teens.Do you want parents to approve of their children going to your concerts?

Step 2: Have sex appeal.

To be a perfect pop star, you need to add sex appeal to your wholesomeness.If you want to make it big, you need to be a little bit sexy.It is difficult to find a balance between being wholesome and having sex appeal, but there is a way to show a little bit of skin and maturity without giving up your self-respect.Britney looked like a schoolgirl on her first album cover.It’s possible to be a little bit fun and flirtatious without looking adult at the same time.Fans can see your sexy side if you bare a little skin.You should not have to show more skin than you are comfortable with.If you want people to like you, you don’t have to bare it all.Sex appeal is more than just showing off your body.It has to do with carrying yourself in a way that shows you are happy with how you look and what you have to offer.Stand up straight, look ahead instead of down at the floor, and don’t cross your arms over your chest.The art of flirting is part of sex appeal.You should be playful, suggestive, and fun when talking to people.Be open to being flirtatious, but don’t completely let your guard down.

Step 3: Don’t have a weak voice.

Not every pop star has had the voice of an angel.If you want to make it last, you have to start with a baseline of strong vocal cords.It will be hard to end up with something if you start with nothing.Some pop stars are famous for their lack of talent, their lip-syncing, or their computer-generated voices, but you want to be better than that.They have never been accused of not having a voice.To get feedback, you need to be honest with yourself.If you want an honest assessment of your talent, ask your friends or mentors.If you really believe that you have what it takes, then you should not allow other people to tell you who you are.It may be time to rethink your plan if everyone is telling you that you are missing out.If you have yet to go through puberty, keep in mind that your voice can change.Boys who have higher voices before puberty may have deeper voices after it.It doesn’t mean that your voice will change for the worse, but you should be prepared for it.

Step 4: Be a dancer.

It is possible to be a successful pop star without having moves like Michael Jackson.It is important to know how to move to a beat and a baseline of solid rhythm.You can be the next Selena Gomez if you have two left feet.A willingness to learn is the most important thing you need to have.If you want to become a star, you should take dance classes to get your basic rhythm down, and be prepared to work with a dance instructor after you do.You will need to be able to sing and act on stage.Confidence is the most important thing.If your dance team sees that you are struggling, they will give you a few simple moves to work on.You will be fine if you can rock a few easy moves.You are not embarrassed about stepping out of your comfort zone to achieve greatness because you are willing to learn.

Step 5: You should be persistent.

Being persistent is an important part of being a pop star.Success in the arts is dependent on luck and determination.It doesn’t mean that you should give up on finding a new career path, just because your first attempt at getting your work out there or getting signed by an agent does not lead to much.It takes a lot of rejection to get to where you are, and even the most famous stars, like Madonna, had to start by waiting tables.You have to be prepared for rejection if you want to follow this dream.If you want to be a pop star, you need to have thick skin.If you don’t know who you are and what you have to offer, other people will break you before you get a chance.You have to work on improving your self-esteem if you are sensitive, vulnerable, and self conscious.

Step 6: It’s good to have a good amount of confidence.

Being a pop star means being criticized in the tabloids for everything from gaining two pounds to being accused of having an affair.You have to be able to face gossip and treat it as part of the game.You won’t be able to make it out there if you doubt yourself every time someone questions your fashion choices.If you want to succeed, you have to accept the praise, learn from the constructive criticism, and push aside the pointless hate.If you want to make it out there, you have to love who you are and believe in yourself.It is not a stereotype that many pop stars are broken down in the face of fame.Many of them face too much criticism.Before the tabloids can eat you alive, you have to have healthy ideas about who you are and what makes you unique.Pop stars doubt themselves a lot.It will be hard for you to stay strong if you start with little confidence.If you know you need to work on your confidence, you should do it as much as you can.

Step 7: You should be willing to work hard.

Some people think that once you make it big as a pop star, you don’t have to do a lot.If you want to be a star with staying power, you have to put in the hours every single day.It is harder than having a day job.You will often have to put in eight or more hours a day to record songs, practice dance moves, promote yourself, and just make sure that you are doing the best you can.Being a pop star may not be in the cards for you if you like to sleep in, slack off, or spend most of your time hanging out with friends.You can’t settle for less than the best if you want to keep growing as a star.To always work on taking it to the next level, you have to make sure to perfect the moves and lyrics.If you just produce the same beats again and again, your audience won’t stay with you.They want you to keep evolving.That takes a lot of work.

Step 8: You should have an appealing look.

It doesn’t mean that you have to have a perfect body to be a pop star.It means that you have to stand out in some way.It’s more important to have a distinct look that intrigues people and makes them remember you instead of being traditionally attractive.If you don’t think you’re good looking, you can find something else that makes you stand out.If you want to stand out, you should find something that makes you unique.Pop stars often change themselves again and again.You can find a look that makes you stand out, but you have to keep it interesting.Lady Gaga is always recognizable because she is constantly changing her hair, style, and general look to keep things interesting.

Step 9: A network is a network.

If you have what it takes, then you need to flaunt it.If you want to make it big, you have to be talented, cute, and determined.If you want to get noticed in this world, then you need to network.That is the way you have to play the game, even if it feels sleazy or not genuine to you.Take the time to meet with producers, other artists, dancers, song writers, or people who are connected in the industry.When introducing yourself to new people, be assertive, accept invitations, and put yourself out there.If you talk to people who normally wouldn’t be your cup of tea, you’ll be more likely to make a name for yourself.You shouldn’t feel like you’re above it if you let people know who you are.If you want to get noticed, you will need to do some extra work, and it is rare that you can get by on talent alone.A strong social media presence is a big part of networking.If you want to stay on top of your social media accounts, you need to have a website, a Facebook fan page, and a Twitter account.People may forget about you if you don’t make connections online and post frequently.

Step 10: You can apply to talent contests.

Applying to talent contests is a great way to get noticed.Local contests in your area are a great way to put your name out there and give yourself some practice in competing with others.If you want to make it big in a small town, this can be helpful.If you are really committed, then you should move to a city like New York or LA and try out for some bigger contests, such as America’s Got Talent, The Voice, or whatever else is out there.You are more likely to succeed if you put yourself out there more.It is not likely that you will win a talent contest the first time you apply.That is not the point.You get used to the fact that you will be competing with people and putting yourself out there.

Step 11: You can record your music.

If you want to be a pop star, you need to record your music.It isn’t enough to wow a director of a talent contest.If you write your own songs, you should record them to show the producers what you have.If you want your recording to be as clean and impressive as possible, you should try to raise money for some time in a professional studio so that you can make a recording.If you feel like you have enough material to make a full album, you can start by recording a single.Making it big is an important step on the path.If you want to record your music in a professional studio, you should practice on your own so you are prepared.It will be expensive to go to the studio and you don’t want to waste time.

Step 12: Send it to producers.

Once you have a recording of your music, it is important to send it to producers so you can start making money.If you can get hooked up with an agent, then great, but if you have to do it on your own, it is important.If you want to send your music to producers who are looking for new talent, and who work with performers who do work that is similar to yours, ask around and do your research.Make sure you describe yourself well and that your music is professionally packaged.Be persistent.Even though a few producers have rejected your work, it doesn’t mean you should stop sending it out.It means that you should try harder.If multiple producers are giving you the same feedback, you should look for a grain of truth.If you think you can change your sound to make it more appealing to future producers and fans, you should take that leap before sending it out more.

Step 13: You should keep up your internet presence.

You have to create a strong online presence if you want to achieve your dream.In order to show that you already have fans and that there are many people who are interested in you and your work, you can do this before you make it big.You can create interesting content, post at least once a day to stay current, and work on amassing hundreds, or even thousands, of followers.You can do a lot of things to make yourself known, such as posting photos of yourself on your website, and posting videos on YouTube.If a producer or agent is interested in you, they will search you very quickly.You want them to know that you put a lot of thought into putting yourself out there, and you are a professional who is already thinking of marketing him or herself.

Step 14: You should keep up your studies.

It is important to achieve your dream, but you should not give up your studies completely to do it.It is important to dream big, but also realistic, and just in case things don’t work out, you do not want to be without a backup plan.It’s important to keep learning so that you’re still getting an education while you move forward in your career, whether you stay in school or hire a tutor.This is valuable learning time that will be hard to make up, you don’t want to find yourself at the age of college students without getting anything resembling a high school education.This does not mean that you will not make it.It means that you are thinking about your future.

Step 15: Who are your real friends?

If you have made it big as a pop star, you need to keep a good head on your shoulders.You will find yourself surrounded by people who are new to you.Some of them will be genuine, caring people just like you, while others will only spend time with you for personal gain.It is important to be slow to trust people, to take your time to get to know new friends, and not to spill any big secrets.This will help you find people who like you.It is important to protect yourself when meeting new people, even though it may not feel natural.If your new friends are interested in getting to know you, or if they just want to go to your fun parties or vacation, then ask.It’s the same for new significant others.It is important that you are dating people who want to get to know you, not just those who will use you to promote their own fashion line.

Step 16: Prepare to work long hours.

Being a pop star is more than just going on vacations and posting pictures of yourself in a bikini.It requires a lot of sweat and hard work.Being a pop star is not a real vacation if you have made it big.You have to work on your craft, your music, and your dance moves, as well as maintaining a positive public image, in order to remind people that you do matter.You have to put in the hours if you want the lifestyle.It is important to keep up a good public image, even when you are out at clubs, award shows, or parties.Getting drunk or fighting in public is a bad career move, and you have to work on being on your best behavior full time, because there is no vacation from keeping up a good image.

Step 17: You should keep reinventing yourself.

It’s important to create an image and remind people of how relevant you are, but you can’t do the same thing every day if you’re a pop star.Being an innocent girl or boy next door is a great way to start, but if you have matured significantly as an artist or just become interested in exploring other sides of your talent, then it is important to switch up your game.Think of a singer who started out as a pop star with blonde hair and is now in the throes of an R&B career.You have to find a new way to be you if you want to stop singing the same old songs.You have to stay true to what your fans love about you.If you do a complete career switch like moving from country music to rap, you may lose a lot of fans.Add some more dynamic changes to your routine and find a way to still be you.

Step 18: Don’t read the tabloids.

If you are serious about being a pop star, then you have to be prepared for all of the negative things that can happen.People will say the worst and most untrue things to get you down and make you doubt yourself, and you have to learn to avoid what the tabloids say, whether they claim you’re pregnant or not.Some celebrities don’t read the tabloids, while others use their social media expertise to fight back.The most important thing is that you don’t let a bunch of ignorant people get you down or keep you from following your dreams.Every celebrity has had their fair share of gossip and rumors.Think of it as an initiation process.There isn’t much you can do to stop people from spreading rumors about you.You have the ability to control your reaction to all the hate.

Step 19: Stay true to yourself.

Staying true to who you are is the hardest part of being a pop star.It can be hard to be faithful to yourself when there are so many voices in your head.The most important thing is to never forget your initial dream and that you don’t end up looking like a complete stranger.It is all about being happy with the work you have done and affecting your fans in a positive way.You will be able to stay true to yourself if you never forget the person you were before.Making new friends and starting new relationships are important parts of being a pop star, but don’t forget your old friends.They will keep you from forgetting where you came from.When you are a pop star, it can be hard to find time to check in with yourself, to write in a journal, and to make sure you achieve your goals.You won’t be able to remember why you wanted to become a pop star if you’re constantly surrounded by an entourage and moving from one show to the next.