How To Be a Geek

Over time, what it means to be a nerd has changed.Being called a nerd wasn’t always a compliment, but the idea has become more positive recently.Being a nerd means that you’re invested in your interests.Being a geek is something to be proud of.To fully embrace your newfound, awesome geekiness, you need to find an interest, obsess over it, and then dress the part.

Step 1: Do you really want to find what you are interested in?

You can be interested in anything and still be considered a nerd.You might already be interested in baseball, model airplanes, or the Harry Potter series.Some things that might interest you should be explored if not.When you find something you really like, take your time to explore.

Step 2: Play video games.

It’s okay if you have trouble thinking of potential interests.Video games are popular geeky interests.Some games are popular with nerds.You have to play the game a lot until you get good at it.You can learn everything you can about the game.You could also play card games.

Step 3: There are a lot of books.

Don’t care what, just read what interests you.Don’t be ashamed of what you read.You could read a lot of literary books.You can read fiction like horror and science fiction.If books aren’t your thing, DC and Marvel comics are popular.Don’t be afraid to carry a book with you.

Step 4: You should get interested in science and technology.

The rise of nerds was due to technology.If you are a fan of computers and robots, then you should dive into that interest.Take your interest in physics or chemistry beyond the classroom.This could be beneficial for your future.You can learn website and mobile development.You can learn to make your own websites.Learn how to build a robot.There is a robotics club in your area.It’s okay if you didn’t excel in science at school.You will learn a lot if you invest in your interest.

Step 5: You have to collect an item.

Depending on what you’re interested in, it could be costly to do this hobby.Take a weekly trip to your local thrift shop if you like vintage photographs.If you like coffee mugs with #1 Dad, start collecting them.You can collect whatever you want.As you accumulate more items, try to learn more about what you have.Pick an item to collect based on your budget.

Step 6: It’s important to be passionate about your interests.

Being very passionate about what you are interested in is one of the most important parts of being a nerd.A lot of time is spent learning and practicing your interests.You can learn about every little detail by consuming your interests.It shouldn’t feel like work.

Step 7: Look for people who are interested in the same things.

There will likely be a group of people who share the same interest.There are groups in your area dedicated to your passion.You can ask around on social media or do a quick online search.You can participate in an online group if you can’t find a local one.You can invite other people.Ask your friends if they would like to form a club with you.

Step 8: You should stay up-to-date on your passion.

It’s possible that your passion is like a computer game or robot.You can follow news related to your passion.If there isn’t news related to your passion, you can do an online search.If you want to stay up-to-date on your passion, you can attend conferences related to it.

Step 9: You should be loyal to your interests.

Geeks love what they do.Their interest is more than just a hobby, it is a part of who they are.Because of this, nerds try to be the first to know about new items.If you have an interest, show it off whenever you can.

Step 10: Don’t give up on what you love.

Your interest may go through a time where it is disliked by the majority or it may be undergoing some problems.Geeks don’t give up on their passion.Even when everyone else abandons it, they stay loyal to it.

Step 11: You should prioritize your passion.

Geeks tend to let their passion consume them.It’s okay if your passion is more important than other things, like parties and social gatherings.Instead of partying, work on a project related to your interests.If you want to play a game, invite friends over.You are investing in your passion and staying social at the same time.Make sure you have time for your job, your family and your passion.

Step 12: T-shirts with your interests on them.

Depending on your interest, there is probably a fandom out there.This means that there will be a lot of things.You should look for a shirt that shows off your interest.If you can, invest in a few of those shirts.If your interest is not very popular, look for eBay or thrift shops.

Step 13: You should wear accessories that show off your passion.

Don’t stop and look at the shirts.Invest in accessories that show your interest.You can wear hats, belts, shoes, and pins.Pick and choose what you like.Don’t worry about overdoing it.

Step 14: Dress like a nerd.

You don’t have to dress like a nerd.You can dress like a nerd.You could show off your interest in science by dressing like Albert Einstein.All you have to do is wear a sweater, pants, and shoes.It is easy and subtle.Wear a black turtleneck if you like Steve Jobs.If you’re a fan of Mark Zuckerberg, wear a casual style.You should wear a hoodie, shorts, and flipflops.

Step 15: You have to dress like your favorite character.

Dressing up like your favorite character is a great way to express your passion.The best place to do this is in a cosplay group.Look up your favorite character.Purchase or make your own costume to recreate this look.

Step 16: There are accessories that are geeky.

Pick a few accessories to finish your outfit.Black rimmed glasses are one of the most popular accessories.If you don’t have a prescription, choose glasses without one.If you want to be a nerd, wear suspenders with your pants.You could attach some pins to your suspenders.You can display your favorite superhero with a pin or button.