How To Bake Cookies on Your Car Dashboard

The last thing you want to do on a hot day is bake some cookies.You can bake cookies on the dashboard.You can learn how to bake cookies on the dashboard of your car or truck from this article.

Step 1: Before you attempt this project, make sure the outdoor temperature is at least 95 F.

If you want to get the best results, park your car in a sunny spot.

Step 2: You can remove items from your car.

The doors and windows of your car will have to be closed during the baking process.Make sure the car is parked away from the exhaust of other cars that are running.First, remove the air freshener from the car.You won’t need a cookie after your car smells like fresh baked cookies.

Step 3: The cookie sheet should be lined with paper.

The cookies could spread if you use a sprayed surface.

Step 4: The cookie dough needs to be prepared.

Cut a log of pre-made cookie dough into even rounds.About 112″ (4 cm) of space is left around each cookie after placing the rounds on the cookie sheet.If you haven’t purchased pre-made cookie dough, make the dough from this recipe or use your own recipe to avoid problems with not baking the egg sufficiently.Add blobs to the baking sheet and leave some space around the cookies to spread.

Step 5: The pieces of unbaked cookie dough should be placed on the cookie sheet.

If you need to flatten the cookies, use a spatula or fork.They might be fine without this.If not baking immediately, cover the cookies with plastic-wrap and keep in the refrigerator.The dough should be used within a few hours.

Step 6: Place the cookies in the car.

Push the dashboard into place.There is a cookie sheet on the dashboard.To kill any germs that were present in raw ingredients, you want your car temperature to reach at least 165 F.

Step 7: The sun should start baking when the doors are shut.

It’s advised to hang around and keep an eye on things as this is far more experimental than standard baking and you can expect the cookies to begin baking immediately.

Step 8: Keeping an eye on the baking process is important.

The temperature inside your car will affect the cooking time.The cookies won’t brown much because the car is not hot enough to cook the sugars in them.

Step 9: You have to check now and then.

When your cookies begin to look set, open the car door.The edges and centers should be touched.The edges should be firm and the centers should not be squishy.There is a cookie on the paper.The paper will come off easily if the cookie is done.The cookie will stick to the paper if it is not done.If not done yet, close the car door.The cookies should be checked every 15 to 30 minutes.

Step 10: The cookie sheet should be removed from your car.

Remove the cookies from the sheet with a spatula and place them on a wire rack to cool completely, but they won’t be as hot as when they’re in the oven.

Step 11: Finished.