How To Avoid Getting Drunk

Going out and having a few drinks with your friends is fun, but getting drunk can lead to bad decisions and make you miserable the next day.If you want to enjoy your night out safely, learn how to curb some of the side effects of drinking.

Step 1: Don’t drink more than one alcoholic beverage at a time.

A drink could be a shot, beer, a glass of wine, or a mixed drink.Don’t drink more than one per hour.If you can get alcohol out of your system in an hour, you won’t get drunk.You will be able to drink casually if you stick to this schedule.You should sip your drink slowly.Instead of downing it, try and enjoy it slowly.

Step 2: Depending on your alcohol tolerance, set a limit for the night.

Stick to your limit by setting it in advance.If you know that you’re drunk after 3 beers, then you need to space them out far enough to not get wasted.Everyone has their own way of handling alcohol, so there isn’t a perfect number to stick to.The recommended amounts are 3 drinks for men and 2 for women.When you run out of money, you have to bring cash to the bar.Women are more likely to get drunk than men.The more you weigh, the more alcohol you can consume.

Step 3: Don’t drink too much.

Don’t drink for intoxication.Instead of downing it, savor the alcohol’s flavor and aroma.It’s going to be the only drink of the night and you should spend a lot of money on it.Slow down and appreciate its nuances.If you want to tilt the glass, bring it to your lips.Simply inhale the smell instead of drinking.As you swallow the drink, taste it.It’s not worth drinking if it isn’t worth tasting.Don’t keep up with a buddy or drink for yourself because you have a different alcohol tolerance.

Step 4: Before and after drinks, drink water.

You can get something to drink before refilling your cup if you drink water.Before each drink, have a glass of water with it.Put more time between alcoholic drinks by pouring the water slowly.

Step 5: You should stop drinking and eat.

Food doesn’t prevent you from getting drunk.The time it takes the booze to make it to your brain can be slowed.Eating fills you up and prevents you from downing drinks.

Step 6: You can make drinks with alcohol.

You can control the drinks you drink.If you want to use a half shot of alcohol instead of a full shot, you can fill it with soda or a mixer.You can stay involved in the party but not drink too much.Try a “shandy,” which is a light beer mixed with lemonade, to enjoy a little bit of alcohol responsible.

Step 7: You should have a partner.

If a friend is looking to drink the same amount as you, you can avoid getting drunk.If things get out of hand, you can gently cut the other off.It’s easier to stay sober if you have a friend with you.

Step 8: You should know what you’re drinking.

Don’t just accept drinks at parties.One drink an hour is usually a good guideline, but mixed drinks at house parties and events can vary wildly in strength.The alcohol content is masked because they are sweetened so much.If you find yourself in this situation, drink beer, wine, or mix your own drinks.Don’t mix alcohol in the same night.It’s hard to know how much alcohol you’re consuming.

Step 9: Make moderation your friend.

You will get drunk at the end of the day if alcohol is in your body.Once the chemicals are in your body, they need to go to the brain on the way through your blood.Responsible drinking is your best bet.The following tips will help you mitigate the effects and prevent you from getting drunk after a few beers.

Step 10: While drinking eat greasy snacks.

The fat will help form a buffer against alcohol when you knock back some snacks.The alcohol enters your body more slowly.Your body won’t thank you, but your brain will.Milkshakes and Fast Food Nuts Pizza Ice cream are good options.

Step 11: The effects of alcohol can be mitigated by eating yeast.

A small amount of baker’s yeast can prevent you from getting as drunk as you would without it.Before you start drinking, mix the yeast in with water or yogurt.The effects aren’t huge, but they can lower your alcohol content by up to 30%.It will keep you from getting drunk on your own.There is a debate about the effectiveness of yeast.

Step 12: A tolerance to alcohol is built over time.

Your body will get used to the feeling of drunkenness if you drink a lot.It will take more booze to make you feel drunk.The more you drink, the more tolerant you will be.It may be easier to stay sober if you have a 1-2 glasses each night.You drink to raise your tolerance due to a wide variety of physical, mental, and social affects.It can lead to health problems.

Step 13: Water down your drinks.

Put in less alcohol and more liquid.You will be able to space out the alcohol, keeping you sober.If you mix beer with lemonade, you can make a “shandy” instead of a straight beer.

Step 14: Have a glass of milk in the middle of the night.

It is less able to absorb alcohol if you have dairy in your stomach.It will get into your body eventually, but it will take a bit longer for it to get to your system.Beer and cocktails with soda may not work with the stomach lining being disrupted by carbonated beverages.There is a scientific debate on effectiveness.Milk has positive effects.

Step 15: It’s a good idea to be confident in your decision not to drink.

Alcohol is not a “healthy life choice” for everyone.Don’t feel like you are boring because you do not want to drink.You can say no in difficult situations if you understand your own reasons not to drink.Stick to your guns if you’ve decided not to drink.”Just one drink” is a recipe for a bad night.You do not have to explain why you don’t want to drink.Alcohol is not a way of life or philosophy.If you don’t want to drink, then so be it.

Step 16: Avoid situations that lead to drinking.

If you are trying to quit drinking or are easily pressured, going to bars or house parties is like asking for temptation.Suggest alternative events for your friends, find new places to hang out, and try and plan activities other than just sitting and drinking.You don’t have to avoid people who drink.Make sure there isn’t a strong drinking culture that will encourage you to join the gang.Let your friends know that you are not drinking.They can help you stay sober if you let them know why.

Step 17: Speak no quickly and confidently.

“No thank you” is the best response when someone asks if you’d like a drink.People will push you for an explanation or reason, or will plead with you to have a drink with them.When offered, you want a quick, direct, and honest “no” ready.Make sure you say “I don’t drink anymore, thank you” clearly and concisely.I’m the designated driver tonight.I’m allergic to alcohol.It’s a great way to lighten the mood when you refuse.

Step 18: You have another drink in your hand.

This is enough to convince people not to drink.It doesn’t matter what the drink is, sodas and other drinks are great ways to imply that you’re not drinking alcohol.Inform the bartender that you won’t be drinking alcohol.Say thank you for soda and water.Take the drink and leave it in your hand if someone is persistent.Most people don’t know that it’s not a refilled glass if you leave it without drinking.

Step 19: There are activities other than getting drunk.

You are more likely to drink less when you are in a place with food, games, and/or a concert.If the lighting is up, the place isn’t crowded, and you feel comfortable, you’re more likely to forgo drinks.If people don’t have something else to do or talk about, drinking will become a background activity.

Step 20: If the pressure becomes too much, you should leave the situation.

It’s time to leave if the constant badgering to have a drink is ruining your night.Alcohol should not be an activity alone.If the only thing people are doing is getting drunk and they don’t respect your decision to stay sober, then you should leave.

Step 21: There are ways to resist temptation.

If you know you’re going to want to drink more than you should, use some methods to remind yourself to stop.Think about why a sober night is important to you, and remember the reasons why you don’t want to get drunk.The rubber band flick trick is one of the suggestions.There is a rubber band around your wrist.When you feel the urge to drink, make a conscious choice not to.When enough is enough, have a friend remind you.Someone who doesn’t drink or is good at knowing his or her own limits is this person.It could be a family member.Distract yourself.Get up and dance, talk to someone, or play a game of pool.If you’re able to refrain from alcohol, you can give yourself different rewards, like a shopping spree, a favorite item of food, or calling a friend long-distance.