How To Apply Advantage to Cats

Fleas are bad for your cat.They can become unbearably itchy and develop a condition called flea allergy dermatitis.Their fleas can make you itchy.Being a responsible cat owner requires applying a flea preventative such as Advantage.Learning how to apply it properly will help keep your cat free of fleas.

Step 1: The Advantage pack is appropriate for cats.

Advantage for cats comes in packs of four or six and is divided into three weight categories: under 5 pounds, five to nine pounds and over 9 pounds.Advantage for small and large cats is available in packs of four or six.If you don’t know the cat’s weight, look at the medical report from their most recent veterinary visit.Cats less than eight weeks old should not be treated with advantage.

Step 2: The tube is in the pouch.

If the tube isn’t there, put it down at the bottom of the pouch.Use scissors to open the pouch.There is a tube in the pouch.Only one tube is used per application.

Step 3: The cap needs to be removed.

Untwisting the cap is not enough to open the Advantage tube.Use the thumb and index finger of your non-dominant hand to hold the tube upright and away from you and your cat.Use your dominant hand to untwist the cap.

Step 4: The tube needs to be opened.

Push the cap back on the tube.To break the seal, twist the cap.Place the cap on the side after the seal is broken.

Step 5: The base of your cat’s neck is where the fur should be.

To apply the Advantage, your cat can be lying down or standing up.When you can see their skin, use both hands to part the fur at the base of their neck.It is unlikely that your cat will be able to reach that area with their tongue, so the base of their neck is the best place to apply.Before applying the Advantage, make sure your cat’s skin is clean and dry.The Advantage can be applied with your dominant hand if you hold the fur with the non-dominant hand.If you don’t think you can hold your cat, have someone else do it for you.

Step 6: The advantage should be applied.

Press the tube directly onto your cat’s skin at the application site.Don’t let Advantage run off their body and onto the floor.If a product lands on their body or floor, they should quickly clean it up with a paper towel or absorbent towel.When touching your cat’s skin with the tube, you don’t need to apply pressure.Make sure the Advantage doesn’t get into your cat’s mouth.Advantage’s bitter taste will make them salivate if it gets into their mouth.If it gets into their eyes, rinse them with cold water.If Advantage enters their mouth or eyes, call your doctor.It’s not necessary to wear gloves to apply Advantage.

Step 7: Do not look at the application site.

The application site may be sticky for a while after you apply the Advantage.You may get Advantage on your skin if you touch the area within the first few hours.If this happens, wash your hands with soap and water and don’t place your fingers near your eyes or mouth.Do not allow your children to visit the application site for a while.Until the application site is dry, keep other pets away from your cat.

Step 8: Don’t wash your cat for two days.

Advantage will be able to fully absorb into your cat’s skin.If you decide to wash your cat, make sure to use a soap- or detergent-free product.The Advantage is absorbed through the oily layer of your cat’s fur.The oily layer can be disrupted by unruly shampooing.If your cat doesn’t want a bath, you can wait two days to wash them.Advantage will remain effective after a bath.

Step 9: Side effects can be monitored for your cat.

Side effects of Advantage are rare.There is a chance of hair loss at the application site.If you apply the Advantage immediately after your cat licks at the application site, they will salivate due to the bitter taste.Cats are deterred from licking the application site by the bitter taste.

Step 10: The Advantage tube should be thrown away.

Throw the empty tube away or recycle it.If you were unable to empty the tube onto your cat’s skin, you should contact your local waste and disposal agency.The tube should be emptied into an indoor or outdoor drain.You can call to get instructions on how to dispose Advantage.

Step 11: The store has an advantage over food and drink products.

Advantage may leak from its packaging.The Advantage should be kept in a separate area, not in the kitchen.Pets and children can’t access Advantage in a cool and dry place.Advantage can be found in an area away from sunlight.

Step 12: You should wash your hands.

If you didn’t get Advantage on your hands, it’s still a good idea to wash them.It’s important to wash your hands before you eat, drink, or go to the bathroom.