How To Act Like a Ravenclaw

Everyone in the four houses of the school are there to learn.The students of Ravenclaw are excited to be there because of their love of knowledge.The qualities of wit, wisdom, and creativity that members of Ravenclaw hold most dear make school the perfect place to attend.

Step 1: Intelligence above all.

The love of acquiring new knowledge is one of the defining characteristics of Ravenclaw members.You can learn more about the natural and supernatural world.There are documentary films to watch.Non-fiction books and online content can be read.A Word of the Day calendar increases your vocabulary.Each day make a point of learning something you didn’t know before.

Step 2: Don’t give up on your interests.

One of the best ways to fall in love with learning is to study things that interest you.Every chance you get, go to the library and read.Carry your notebook wherever you go.You can go to space camp if you like outer space.Increase your knowledge and know-how about topics and interests that you care about by taking every opportunity to learn.You don’t have to be the top expert in your field of study.The inability to make more than one or two accurate prophecies did not deter her from pursuing a thorough knowledge of the art.

Step 3: The unknown is something to embrace.

Don’t be satisfied with what has been studied, defined, and proven.In order to expand your knowledge, tackle new subjects that are difficult.Aim to not only collect well established facts and concepts, but to discover brand new info so you can contribute to everyone’s understanding of the world.

Step 4: The priority should be the future.

The obsession with the unknown makes researching the past boring since there is less chance for new discoveries.To make history more interesting and immediate, focus on how past events have shaped the modern world, and how they may continue to shape tomorrow.Those tidbits of knowledge can be applied to the here and now.If you only read original texts that have already been translated, learning ancient runes may seem like a waste of time.If you uncover a previously undiscovered text with long forgotten spells, that skill will come in very handy.

Step 5: Do well in school.

Getting good grades isn’t always related to gaining knowledge.Remember, ravenclaws are forward- thinking.Think about the future even if you think a class is pointless.Good grades will improve your average.Increase your eligibility for gifted and talented programs, advanced placement, and the college of your choice, where your intellect will be challenged much more than it may be at present!

Step 6: It’s time to create!

The ravenclaws love applying knowledge.You can use what you have learned to make something new.Write your own stories and poems if you like literature.If you love technology, build your own gadgets.If you enjoy solving puzzles, make your own.You can use your skills and interests to produce new works.

Step 7: Do you want to question yourself?

Constantly debating your own judgments will give you more confidence.Just because you think so doesn’t mean it’s right.The merits and pitfalls of your moral beliefs can be explored.After review, affirm those that you still consider to be true.Those that seem to have been founded on impulse should be reconsidered.

Step 8: Be curious.

Don’t assume that you or anyone else knows everything.Give your friends the benefit of the doubt if someone suggests a way of thinking that is too incredible to believe.You can either accept or discount the challenge of embracing new ideas.When people are wrong about something, be sure to consider their argument from all angles before making a decision.The only exception would be when you are ignorant.Do not tolerate the refusal of people to accept the truth even after they have been presented with all the facts.

Step 9: Think before you act.

They don’t like being unprepared for the unknown.Don’t just charge in when presented with a new situation.Before taking any action, consider all of your options.Write a pros-and-cons list for each one.To reduce the risk of having to act impulsively should the unforeseen happen, you should come up with a Plan A, B, C, D, and E.The best example of this is Gilderoy Lockhart, who would rather hypothesize about all the heroic things that he would do in the face of danger, instead of actually doing them.

Step 10: Stay true to who you are.

Be yourself.Pick out your own theories and opinions.If they haven’t been completely disproven, be confident in your convictions.No matter how crazy other people might be, anyone who has thought about and cross-examined their own beliefs as much as a Ravenclaw does clearly doesn’t adopt opinions lightly.It is within the realm of possibility to believe in anything.A perfect example of a Ravenclaw is Luna Lovegood, who does what she likes and doesn’t let anyone dictate her beliefs.If something you believe in has been disproven, accept it.

Step 11: Enjoy the time alone.

When the mood strikes you, value time spent apart from other people as well.solitude is a chance to read, create, or contemplate without interruptionDon’t put too much emphasis on surrounding yourself with others at all times, instead be content with your inner life and achievements.

Step 12: Dress nicely.

It’s a good idea to Tuck in that shirt.Straighten your tie.Rowena Ravenclaw was known for her beauty, and while not everyRavenclaw can hope to match hers, they aspire to achieve an elegance in how they dress.You should take pride in your appearance.Before you head out, make sure you look in the mirror.Cho Chang was a love interest of Harry Potter.Cho always seems to have taken the time to comb her hair and adjust her clothing so that she appears presentable time and time again, while Harry often looks like he rolled out of bed already wearing his robe and clothes.

Step 13: Don’t be boring.

Incorporating a unique element to your outfit is a way to show your individualism.Setting yourself apart from the crowd with a sense of fashion that is clearly your own and no one else’s is what distinguishes you.It should be kept, though.Remember that Ravenclaws value.

Step 14: It’s a good idea to wear house colors.

Blue is the main color for outfits in both books and films, so choose it as your primary color.Adding bronze to your outfits will compliment the color blue in the books.If you like the movies, go for silver.You can be the open-minded Ravenclaw and work with both silver and bronze.

Step 15: They should include symbols.

There are items that use the letter R as an emblem.Pick clothing and/or jewelry with stars in their design from the ceiling of the common room.If you like the books, look for items that feature an eagle, since this is the mascot in the original works.If you like the mascot in the movies, go with ravens.