How To Accept Rejection When You Tell a Friend You Love Them

You told your friend that you wanted more, but they didn’t feel the same way.Being rejected by a friend can feel devastating, even if you are a complete stranger.You can learn to accept rejection and move on.If your ego has been bruised, you should deal with your feelings and improve your self-worth.Try to repair your relationship with the person who rejected you.

Step 1: Before reacting negatively, pause.

Resist acting out on your emotions if you want to keep your friendship with this person.Rejection can make you angry, embarrassed, and hurt.Take these feelings out on the other person and not react on impulse.Take a few breaths and say nothing more to the person.Don’t make hasty decisions.Give yourself time to calm down.

Step 2: Get some space from the person.

Being around someone who says the “L” word can be difficult.Take some time to deal with your feelings.You can talk about how you want to move forward.It is not going to make you any better at pretending and spending time with them.I need some time to process your reaction.Can you give me a few days to hang out?

Step 3: Self-care is the best way to nurse your wounds.

It is second nature after a rejection.Pour on the love to counteract this.You should treat yourself like a friend who has the flu.Treat yourself to a meal.You can binge-watch your favorite show.Work off steam in the gym.Do things that make you feel better.It is possible to reach for numbing substances like alcohol and drugs.These will not make you feel better.Good care of yourself can be accomplished by eating balanced meals, exercising, and getting enough sleep.

Step 4: Write about your feelings in a journal.

Write down your feelings about the rejection.You can describe what happened, how the person responded, and how it made you feel.Journaling can help you identify and cope with your emotions.

Step 5: Be with someone you trust.

Share your feelings with a friend.Pick a person who won’t spread the information around town.They might be able to help you after the rejection.You could say, “Wendy, I’m humiliated.”I told Greg I loved him.He said he doesn’t look at me that way.I don’t know what to do.

Step 6: How you look at rejection should be changed.

Changing how you look at rejection is one way to deal with rejection.It is possible that you are viewing the situation as if there is something wrong with you.Come up with some realistic alternatives to change the thought process.The person may have said no because they don’t want to lose you if the relationship goes wrong.Someone else is a better match for you than the person who rejected you.You have to wait for them.It takes a lot of courage to speak up.Do you like that trait about yourself?

Step 7: Make a list of your best qualities.

Try to remember how great you are after rejection.Make a list of all the reasons you are amazing.Don’t be shy!You don’t have to see the list.If you can’t come up with a trait, ask your friends or parents.All of your great qualities will be recognized by these people.

Step 8: Get out of your comfort zone.

Do something out of the box to counteract a bruised ego.You become aware of hidden talents when you try something new.It doesn’t have to be extreme, just something a little different.You could sign up for a Flamenco dancing class or take a short trip to a nearby city on your own.

Step 9: Think positive.

Lots of negative thoughts may come from the aftermath of rejection.Crowd out the negative by increasing your positive thoughts.Affirmations should be repeated throughout the day.You can find some if you do a quick search online.Positive statements like “I am good at many things” or “Lots of people love to be around me” are examples of positive statements.When you feel down on yourself, repeat these Affirmations every morning after you wake.

Step 10: You should spend time with people who value you.

Feel loved is the best fix for a bruised ego.It’s important to be around all the people in your life.You can spend more time with your family by having a game night.It’s a good idea to hang out with your friends as well.

Step 11: Consider dating someone else.

People shouldn’t make you feel good about yourself.It’s possible to bounce back after a rejection by trying again with someone else.It is not a good idea to get involved with anyone while you are still healing from the rejection.It can be fun to date someone casually.Go up and talk to the girl at the coffee shop.Say yes to a movie with the guy who has been asking for weeks.Let the person know that you are getting over someone else and not looking for anything serious.Enjoy and see where it goes.

Step 12: Discuss the status of the friendship.

You should meet up with your friend once you feel like it.The two of you have to decide what to do with your friendship.Your friendship may suffer if you ignore it.If you want to have a tough conversation, call out the elephant in the room.I still want to be your friend, but I made you uncomfortable.How are we going to move on from this?Find out what they are thinking and feeling.Brainstorming solutions to reduce awkwardness.

Step 13: Be respectful of their boundaries.

If the two of you are able to reestablish friendship and fall back into old patterns, your feelings may come back to you.Don’t try to convince them that they should date you if this happens.Your friend made it clear that they were not interested in you that way.You might have to decide if you can keep being friends with the person.If you can’t control your feelings, you may have to go separate ways.

Step 14: The friendship may never be the same.

Your friend may be uncomfortable hanging out with you after you revealed your feelings.You may still feel humiliated by the rejection.Even if you two work hard to save the friendship, you may find yourself spending less time together.Things change when love enters the picture.If you both want, be okay with not spending as much time with the person.It will take a lot of time for things to get better between you, so be prepared for that.