How To A puppy gets tube feed.

If you care for a newborn or young pup, you may need to know how to tube feed it.This is common if the puppy is an orphan or the mother had a C-section.If you’re not experienced, try using a pipette or bottle-feeding your puppy first.If your puppy doesn’t suckle, tube feeding is the only option.

Step 1: You need to gather your supplies.

You will need a soft rubber feeding tube and urethral catheter for small and large dogs.You will use these items to make your feeding tube device.You will need a puppy milk replacer with goat milk.An already assembled feeding tube can be purchased from your local veterinary office or pet store.

Step 2: The puppy should be weighed.

To know how much milk replacer to give the puppy, you need to know its weight.To determine its weight, place it on a scale.For every ounce of the puppy’s weight, give him a liter of milk replacer.

Step 3: Take the correct amount of milk and put it in a bowl.

It’s a good idea to add one extracc.If you heat the milk replacer up, it will be easier on the puppy’s stomach.The milk should be put into the microwave for 3 to 5 seconds.

Step 4: The milk replacer needs to be sucked up.

When you have the measured amount of milk, draw the milk up.The extracc will be used to make sure that the puppy doesn’t get any air bubbles, which could cause gas pain.Once the milk replacer has been drawn up, press down until a small drop comes out of the needle.This will make sure that the needle is working correctly.

Step 5: Attach the tube to the needle.

Attach the rubber feeding tube to the end of the syringe.

Step 6: Measure the length of the tube to be inserted into the puppy’s mouth.

Put the rubber tube up against the side of the puppy’s bottom, or last rib, and run it from there to the tip of its nose.Make a mark on the puppy’s nose with a permanent marker by pinching the tube.

Step 7: The puppy should be placed on a table.

You should cover the table with a towel.If you let the puppy lie down on all fours, it will lie on its belly with its front legs outstretched and its back legs tucked under it.Put a drop of the formula on the inside of your wrist to make sure it’s not too hot.

Step 8: Place your hand on the puppy’s head.

The puppy’s head should be in between your thumb and index finger so that your fingers are at the corners of his mouth.If you want to see what you are doing, tip the head upward.Take the end of the tube and put it on the puppy’s tongue.This will help her get ready to eat.

Step 9: Slowly but surely, insert the catheter.

The pup may gag if you go too slowly.Take the tube down into the back of the throat.When the puppy starts swallowing the tube, you will know you are on the right track.Remove the tube if it coughs or gags.

Step 10: Put the tube into the puppy’s mouth.

Once the tube reaches the pup’s mouth, stop feeding it downward.Make sure the pup isn’t coughing, crying or gagging.Put the tube between your fingers if she is not.If your puppy coughs or gags, put a small amount of water in the tube.Attach the food needle to the tube if it’s okay.If your puppy coughs, take out the tube and start over since the food could get into the puppy’s lungs.

Step 11: The puppy should be fed.

Feed the puppy 1cc or ml at a time after securing the feeding tube.Count to 3 seconds in your head if you want to know when to let the puppy rest.Check to see if there is any milk coming out of the puppy’s nose after 3 seconds.The tube should be withdrawn if there is a puppy in it.depress the needle for 3 more seconds after you have checked.The most efficient feeding method is to hold the syringe to the puppy.

Step 12: The tube needs to be removed.

Slowly remove the tube once the milk has been fed to the puppy.Pull it out while holding the puppy’s head.Put your finger in the puppy’s mouth and let it suck for 5 to 10 seconds.The puppy will not throw up if this is done.

Step 13: Help the puppy to defecate.

Bring the puppy to its mother.The puppy will be helped to defecate by its mother.If the puppy is an orphan newborn, use a wet washcloth or cotton ball to mimic the mother’s licking.Defecating will help the puppy remove waste from its body.

Step 14: The puppy should be checked for gas.

Lift the puppy and stroke it.It has gas if it is very firm.You will need to burp the puppy if this is the case.Place your palm under the puppy’s belly and lift her up.To help it burp, stroke its back and rump.

Step 15: For the first 5 days, repeat this feeding process every 2 hours.

Feed the puppy every 3 hours after 5 days.