How To A cake is fondant.

Do you know that it’s too difficult to make a cake out of fondant?It isn’t as hard as you might think.You’ll be able to create a spectacular presentation with a little practice and know-how.

Step 1: Go ahead and make your buttercream.

Measure the sides and top of your cake with a piece of string.Take a piece of string and place it over the top of the cake.Any string that touches the plate should be trimmed.Set the string aside when you take it off.It will be used to measure the size of your fondant.Measure one tier at a time for a multi-tiered cake.If you want to add height to any other cake, measure the greatest width across the top and then add twice the height.

Step 2: The cake should be covered with a thin layer of buttercream.

Make sure to get the top and sides of the cake because the buttercream will help the fondant stick to it.As any bumps will show, try to get the surface as smooth as possible.If there are cracks or holes in the cake, fill them with buttercream and then smooth it down.This step can be made easier and quicker by using a cake decorating turntable.Light or dark ganache or apricot jam can be used instead of buttercream.

Step 3: The cake should be in the fridge for 30 minutes.

This will give the buttercream time to grow.The fondant will slide off if the buttercream is too soft.

Step 4: Dust the work surface with powdered sugar.

Any imperfections on the surface will be imprinted in the fondant.You can prevent the fondant from sticking to your work surface by lightly dusting it.If you live in a humid area, use a mixture of cornstarch and powdered sugar.Use a thin layer of vegetable shortening if it is very dry.

Step 5: Allow it to reach room temperature.

It will be easier to work with.It is possible to make it softer and easier to work with by kneading it for about five minutes.It’s a good idea to mix some gel or paste icing color.Adding in some flavor can be done as well.Don’t use liquid food coloring.

Step 6: Use your hands to flatten the fondant.

Don’t make it too thin.If you are covering a square cake, flatten the fondant into a rectangular shape.

Step 7: Roll out the fondant until it’s about a quarter to a third of an inch thick.

When rolling out the fondant, make sure to turn it 180 every so often.Keeping it circular will be helped by this.Lift and flip the fondant, as this may cause it to rip.

Step 8: Take the piece of string and measure the fondant.

Take the string you cut earlier and lay it on the fondant.The size of the fondant should be the same as the string, you can always trim it off later.

Step 9: Roll the fondant onto the pin.

Roll the fondant with the rolling pin at one end and pick it up at the other.This will make it easier to transfer the fondant to the cake.The rolling pin should be lightly dusted with powdered sugar.

Step 10: The fondant should be rolled over the cake.

Place the rolling pin on top of the cake, close to the edge, and roll it towards the other end.

Step 11: The cake needs to be smooth.

Use your fingers to smooth the sides after starting at the top.Make sure there are no air bubbles or folds.You can cut pizza with a knife.The cake should be cut as close to the bottom as possible.

Step 12: Smooth the fondant.

If you want to give your cake a professional finish, you can iron the surface of the fondant with a flat-sided glass or a smoothing tool.You can add shine by spraying it lightly with cooking oil mist.

Step 13: The cake needs to be decorated.

You can either leave the cake as it is or add decorations using buttercream frosting.Embossed gel mats can be used to give your fondant a pattern.

Step 14: It was finished.