Have a great day of shopping.

Spending a day at the shops is a lot of fun, which is why you probably love it.You just need to leave what’s on your list.You don’t have to break your budget or wear yourself down if you simplify your shopping experience.Before you leave, make a plan and work on finding the perfect items.You can use sales to your advantage.

Step 1: Set a budget so you don’t spend too much.

When you’re shopping, you have to check out your finances.Determine how much you have to spend by looking at your finances.Make a budget and stick to it.Don’t get into debt because you want a new purse.Take the amount you plan to spend in cash with you to the store.You can only spend what you have.

Step 2: Before you leave the house, make a list of what you need.

If you don’t know what you want, you’re going to waste time figuring it out.It costs you more time and money to go back to the store if you don’t get what you need.Look at what you already have to be specific about your needs.If you need more clothes, dig through your closet.You might decide you need a couple of button-up shirts and a nice pair of shoes.When you go shopping, that gives you a target.If you’re buying a gift for someone else, think about what type of gift you want to give them.You’ll likely be visiting the same stores for those items if you group them together.Pick the items you need most first so you don’t end up spending your money on something frivolous when you really need it.

Step 3: How much time do you want to spend shopping?

You won’t be able to hit 20 stores if you only have an hour.Knowing how much time you have will allow you to plan your stops.You can either take a lunch break or spend a couple of hours one afternoon.

Step 4: Make a plan for your day.

Pick the most important things you need to shop for today because you only have so much time.If you have more time, you can circle back later.Don’t forget the important items because you were window shopping for jewelry.Go to the stores you want to visit.Pick the stores you need to visit for each set once you have everything grouped.You may have a number of stores you want to visit for clothing and gifts.You’re not doubling back if you plan out a route that’s efficient.

Step 5: Carpool with a friend to save money and have fun.

You want to visit shops they want, as well.Going together will help you save on gas, and you will have someone with you to help make decisions.If you have different shops in mind, it may be a good idea to go separately.If you have to do a lot, go by yourself.You can get distracted while shopping with a friend.Go by yourself if you have a lot of shopping to do.Staying focused on the shopping and hunting down deals is what you can do.

Step 6: You can sweep the store to find what you want.

You should have a good idea of what you want, but when you buy items like clothes, they can be scattered all around the store.To figure out what you need from each section, make a wide circle.You can head to that section if you know you want to buy a candle or a specific genre of book.Pick out what you need, grab it, and go.Plan an efficient route around the store if you can.

Step 7: Pick up a pile of items and sort them later.

You don’t know what to wear until you try it on.Pick up “maybes” all around the store and take them to the dressing room.If you’re trying to decide on a gift for someone, you can use this same technique.Pick up a few things, then buy the one you want.Make sure you give any items you don’t want to a sales person, instead of leaving them on a shelf.

Step 8: You have to decide what you’re going to buy.

Take what’s on your list and compare it to what you’ve collected.Don’t buy too many extras if you want to stay within your budget.If you’re trying on clothes, buy what you love.You will be wasting your money if you don’t love it.You should consider the price, budget and how important the item is when buying it.The shoes can wait for another time if you need them for work.

Step 9: Be flexible with the brand or model.

If you’re willing to look outside one of the brands you had your heart set on, you can find a great deal.Even if it’s not the brand you wanted, you can find a great deal on a vacuum.If you want to stay with one brand, check other models for discounts.

Step 10: Pick up items that are out of season.

When items go out of season, retailers will put them on sale to clear their inventory.It’s great news that you can find good deals.You can get deals on winter clothing and bedding at the end of January and February.

Step 11: You can get deals when you shop on holidays.

Retailers know people will be off on holidays like Memorial Day, so they want to draw you into their stores to spend money.They will be selling so you can get a good deal.Always check the prices in the weeks leading up to the holiday, as sometimes “sale” prices aren’t that great.You can use a price tracker for online websites.

Step 12: There are bargains on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Even though you’ll have to fight the crowds, Black Friday offers some good deals.Some retailers have started opening on Thanksgiving as a result of moving the Black Friday deals earlier.You can pick up items for the holidays at a discount if you don’t mind ducking out before or after the big meal.It’s always a good idea to check prices in the weeks leading up to the holidays, as some items won’t be that discounted.Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are after Thanksgiving.