Go to Puerto Galera.

Puerto Galera is a bay of sandy beaches and turquoise waters located on the northern end of Mindoro Island in the Philippines.The area doesn’t have its own airport.Travelers have to take a bus or taxi to reach the pier.You can finish the journey by boat at the pier.You can enjoy the region’s natural beauty when you arrive in Puerto Galera.

Step 1: You can take a taxi to go to Batangas.

If you enter the Philippines through Manila, you can take a taxi to the pier.Outside the airport’s departures area, taxis are always available.The drive is about 2 hours.It’s a quick way to get to Puerto Galera without having to worry about public transportation, but it can be expensive.The cost to take a taxi in the Philippines is at least 3,500 Philippine Pesos.Before you leave, be sure to negotiate the fare rate.The driver needs to turn the meter on.Taxi services can be found in other areas of the Philippines.

Step 2: You can rent a car and drive to Batangas on your own.

If you are in a group, renting a car can be cheaper than public transportation.Many well-known car rental businesses have a presence in the airport.If you feel comfortable driving, you can rent a car.You can rent cars in other parts of the Philippines as well.You can find places and prices online.The South Superhighway and the Star Tollway can be taken from Manila.

Step 3: You can use the tourist bus for reliable transportation.

The bus isn’t like regular public transportation.It leaves once a day from the City State Tower.It leaves at a certain time every day.Since this is a tourist-specific bus, you can buy tickets that include the bus trip as well as the boat trip from Puerto Galera.A boat ride is included in the price of a 1-way ticket.You will need to travel by bus or car if you are not near Manila.

Step 4: Public transportation is cheap if you travel to a bus station.

You can take a taxi to the bus station.You want to reach Batangas no matter where you are in the Philippines.There is a short trip across the water from Puerto Galera to the tip of the main island.You can get there without having to drive by using the area’s frequent bus services.The Buendia bus terminal is the place to go if you are coming from Manila.The Cubao terminal is located in the city.You can ask the taxi driver to take you there.You should get to the bus station early.You will need to get to the pier before 4:30 to board the boat.

Step 5: You can take a bus to the pier.

There are bus lines in the Philippines.The most popular is JAM Transit.When you get on the bus, tell the conductor where you want to go.Once you are seated, they will give you a ticket and collect your fare.You can usually get to where you need to go if the bus lines leave as frequently as every 30 minutes.If you look at the front of the bus, you’ll see a sign that says “Calabarzon”, which will cut the trip time to 2 hours.A bus ride can cost up to $4.You won’t have a problem communicating with the conductors who speak English.Mentioning the Batangas Pier is all you have to do.

Step 6: You can fly to Puerto Galera in a sea plane.

You can fly from Manila to Puerto Galera.Air Juan has a sea plane.Since the planes are small and fill up quickly, you should book your flight in advance.The ride leaves from the Manila Yacht Club and arrives in Puerto Galera Bay in about 30 minutes.The price can vary throughout the year.

Step 7: You can travel to Puerto Galera by boat.

You can reach a lot of destinations by boat once you reach Batangas Pier or another port city.Some boats travel to the main tourist beaches while others go to nearby towns.Once you arrive in Puerto Galerta, you can hire transportation to travel between these locations.There is a peninsula jutting out into the water between Batangas and the rest of Puerto Galerta.It has a large beach and snorkeling.Muelle Port is a small town.The main port is for smaller boats.White Beach is west of Muelle Port.There is a port nearby.There are a lot of bars and restaurants in this area.

Step 8: Take a boat line.

You can use one of the main boat lines.Minolo is the most direct line.The Gallerian and Father & Sons lines may stop around Puerto Galera before you reach your destination.The boats leave every couple of hours.The boats can be seen when you reach the pier.Minolo has boats with red trim.Father & Sons operate the boats with yellow trim, while Gallerian boats have blue trim.

Step 9: The ticket office sells boat tickets.

The pier is near the waterfront.The booth is operated by the company you have chosen.When and where you want to go is all you have to do.The time each boat leaves will be displayed on signs in the ticket booths.The tickets cost between 300 and $5.You can expect to pay a terminal fee and environmental fee.

Step 10: You can ride the boat to Puerto Galera.

If you have luggage, bring it to the boat.You will have plenty of room to stretch out in your seat, because most of the boats are a decent size.Depending on your destination, the trip from Batangas to Puerto Galerta can take between 1 and 2 hours.Make sure you have plenty of time to board the boat.The crossing is safe and will feel rough.The boat operators are familiar with the area.

Step 11: Smaller boats aren’t an option so take a larger ferry.

You can take a roll-on/roll-off ferry if you need to transport a car to Mindoro Island.The ferries can be a little slower than the boats.The price is similar to the smaller boats, but the ride can take between 1 to 3 hours.The cost to transport a car is about $30.Smaller boats don’t operate in bad weather.If you want to reach Puerto Galera, you will have to take the ferry.

Step 12: You can take a tricycle to Puerto Galera.

The tricycle you may have ridden as a child is not the one you have today.The cart is on the back of the bike.Many trikes are waiting for you when you disembark.They can be used to quickly travel between attractions in the area.The trikes cost less than a dollar per person.Discuss the fare with the driver.

Step 13: You can ride in a jeepney.

A jeepney is a public car.Many of the cars are painted in a rainbow of bright colors and are easy to spot.You can take a jeepney to get between Muelle Port and the beach areas.A jeepney ride costs $1 per person.You can take a jeepney to reach Puerto Galera if you land in a nearby port.

Step 14: You can ride a small boat to get to areas that are not accessible by car.

You may need to get on a boat at a pier if you don’t have a tricycle.There are boats that can be used to travel along the coast.This is an easy way to get from Muelle Port to other ports in the area.Boat prices will be similar to trikes and jeepneys.The small boats can’t go far out on the rough waters.If you want to travel to another island or reach other ports, you may need to board a ferry.