Go on a hunger strike.

Hunger striking is not a highly practiced way of protest.If you decide to go on a hunger strike, you should take precautions to avoid serious injury to yourself.

Step 1: Prepare about a month in advance.

Step 2: Start the first week by cutting out junk and excessive sugar.

If you can afford it, buy fruit and vegetables organically.

Step 3: Don’t eat red meats and drink fruit juices and sodas.

Water and milk should be the only liquid you take in the second week.

Step 4: You should stop taking milk in the third week if you don’t want to eat any other food.

Step 5: Slowly reduce the portions in week four.

By the end of the week, your stomach will be smaller and you won’t be hungry.

Step 6: Take in a lot of water.

It’s more important than ever to drink pure water when you’re starving.

Step 7: Don’t exercise like the plague, you will be exhausted for most of the time, and it is not advisable to exercise while on a fast.

Step 8: If you want to keep your immune system strong, you should take a multivitamin that has added iron and calcium, as well as plenty of different vitamins in it.

Step 9: Drink water.

A simple home-made recipe is: salt, baking soda, and salt substitute, dissolved in water.

Step 10: Stay still.

You need to rest, leave the marches to the protesters who are getting food.

Step 11: Lie in later to replenish your energy.

Step 12: Don’t eat in the kitchen, you will fail the other protesters, and you’ll likely bloat to whale-proportions if you eat too much.

Step 13: On the first day, make a fruit and veg smoothie.

If you want to avoid stomach pains, stick to watery things and avoid acidic fruits.A melon, a watermelon, and a cucumber.Go easy on the oats if you add milk and oats.You can’t handle a lot of food during a fast.

Step 14: Try some light soup on the second day and drink more home made smoothies.

Step 15: Stick to fruits and vegetables on day three if you want to start eating again.

Step 16: Continue with the fruit and veg for a day or two.

Step 17: When you’re ready, eat some dry toast and a bowl of oatmeal with nuts and raisins.

Step 18: The rest of your food should be reintroduced slowly in reverse of how you prepared it.

Step 19: To make sure you don’t damage yourself, visit a doctor when you are eating normally again.