Get your boyfriend to be with you.

A shy or reserved boyfriend can be hard to convince.It may take some time for the relationship to become more intimate.Remember to communicate with honesty and respect.

Step 1: Pick your moment.

A good time to start a cuddle is when you are sitting next to each other.If the weather is cold, bring a blanket and a movie to watch.When you feel close and happy after a date, it’s a good time to try a new one.

Step 2: Put your head on your boyfriend’s shoulder.

Lean on him.Hopefully he will respond to the hint.

Step 3: Put your hand on him.

Wrap your arm around his shoulder and hug him.

Step 4: Look in his eyes.

Look at his face and smile if he hasn’t moved toward you yet.You can kiss if you like.

Step 5: Ask him to sleep with you.

Some guys are afraid of misinterpreting signals.Let him respond at his own pace, and tell him you’d like to cuddle.If he doesn’t respond, you can have a conversation about it.

Step 6: Talk to him.

Communication is important to a relationship.It’s not as important to your boyfriend as it is to you.If he doesn’t know how much this matters, he may not be clear about what you’re looking for.Use sentences that start with “I” to express your feelings.This is more effective than complaining.

Step 7: Listen to his response.

Encourage him to give feedback on what you said.He’ll be more comfortable opening up to you if you listen without judgement or anger.Pay attention to his posture and voice.Something is bothering him if he seems stiff or uncommunicative.It may take a while for him to discuss it.

Step 8: Understand the views of men.

A lot of guys think showing emotion is weakness.It’s possible that your boyfriend feels vulnerable when cuddling or that it doesn’t match his macho persona.If you think this is the case, be patient and allow him to adjust slowly.He has to let go of his shell and show a softer side.Men who don’t seem macho are slower to show affection than women.Men are willing to show their affection in private.Ask him if there are any types of affection he would rather not see in public.

Step 9: People have different needs.

It’s possible that your boyfriend doesn’t do it as often as you’d like.He probably has a lower threshold of intimacy than you do.Some people prefer small intimate moments a couple times a week, while others prefer hours of spooning.If you want to set aside more intimate time as well, please respect his desire for alone time or low-key activities.

Step 10: You should put this in the context of your relationship.

Your boyfriend has a different level of comfort about these activities than you do.If you are not sexually intimate in the relationship, your boyfriend may not be ready for the same level of intimacy.The relationship may need to be put on hold.If you are sexually intimate, your boyfriend might see that as all you need.Explain that there are different needs for non-sexual intimacy.

Step 11: It is necessary to advance intimacy with patience.

Do you know what your boyfriend is comfortable with?Try holding his hand and gently caressing it with your thumb, hugging, or kissing him as you walk down the street.Try to find something more subtle if he pulls away or doesn’t like them.Slowly and gradually make your affectionate attempts more obvious if he does enjoy them.As soon as he becomes uncomfortable, stop the mission and go back to what he enjoys.He should start to reciprocate more as time goes on.You will get to the cuddling station in the end if you advance at a gradual pace.It’s a big mistake to rush this.He may become less cooperative if you push him to do something he isn’t comfortable with.

Step 12: There is a long-term lack of intimacy.

This is a two-way street and patience and compromise are keys to a relationship.He is not meeting his end of the relationship if he doesn’t listen to you or take this discussion seriously.Make it clear to him that you expect him to find a compromise, and make an honest effort to do so.It may be time to end the relationship if you don’t see any improvement.