Eye strain can be alleviated with the use of Reflexology.

Pressure is applied to different parts of your body to relieve ailments.It doesn’t work for everyone, but it seems to help some people.You can point at the eyes or other parts of the body for eyestrain.

Step 1: Work your way around the eye.

Some people can help with eyestrain by massaging points around the eye.About 10 seconds should be spent on each point.You can gently massage the points with the tip of your finger or knuckle.Keep your nail away from the skin.Don’t massage back and forth.If you’re using a fingertip, try to keep your finger straight.The points around the eye are treated with massage techniques.To find them, you might feel a little pain or a lot of depression.

Step 2: There is a point between your eyes.

The bridge of your nose runs into your forehead at this point.It can help with eyestrain.Some say that the point is on each side of the nose, closer to the eye.

Step 3: There is a spot underneath the eye.

You can see this spot under your eye.You should massage in the center.

Step 4: You can find the outer corner.

You can massage the spot on the outer corner of your eye.The tip of your eye is where it should be.A spot between the bottom center and the tip is recommended by some people.

Step 5: Take a look at the middle of the eyebrow.

This is a good spot for an eye massage.Rub the spot over your eye.Some people add a spot to the left and right of the eyebrow.

Step 6: There is a wind mansion.

You can see this point at the base of your skull.It is in the middle.Massaging this point with the tips of your fingers can help with eye fatigue.If you want to apply gentle pressure, you can place the tip of your middle finger on this point, as you tip your head back.You can use your thumb as well.Most areas of the head, including the eyes, are helped by this point.

Step 7: There is a heavenly pillar.

There are two pressure points on the back of your neck.The base of the skull is where the wind mansion is.Move an inch on each side into the muscles at the back of your neck.Some people with eyestrain can be helped by massaging the spots with your middle finger.The method for the wind mansion requires you to use both of your middle fingers.

Step 8: It’s a good idea to massage your knuckles.

There is a place to massage at the base of your middle fingers.Use your thumb to massage.You can massage that knuckle as well.To massage on the other side, flip your hand over.To apply pressure, use a thumb roll.Press down with your thumb.As you bend your thumb, let it roll down or up the knuckle.As you bend your thumb, move about 1/6 of an inch up and down.

Step 9: The bigger the rushing, find it.

There is a spot on your foot.You can find it down the foot, where the big and little toes meet.You need to find it.It’s on the top, not between the toes.Use your fingers to massage the area.The heel of your other foot can be used to press into this point for 30 seconds.