Egg rings can be made when camping.

It’s doubtful that you’ll be lugging along an egg ring for perfect egg shapes when you are camping, but this neat food trick will enable you to make a lovely shape from your egg with no trouble at all!Ensuring that you can fit more eggs in at once makes the most of your fuel.

Step 1: Take out the center of the bread.

To fit the egg, cut in a circular shape.The square crust should be left intact.

Step 2: Take the bread from the middle and toast it.

The center part of the bread can be fried after the eggs are done.

Step 3: The circle or square should be placed in the pan or container.

The center of each ring has an egg in it.

Step 4: Cook the same way.

The egg is going to stay at the edge.

Step 5: Once cooked, remove.

There are two choices here.The egg can be removed from the crust and eaten alone, or you can eat both the fried crust with the egg attached.).

Step 6: The onion or bell pepper should be sliced across the width.

You can make circles from a vegetable.

Step 7: Pop out the inner rings if you use an onion.

The larger outer rings can be used for the egg ring.

Step 8: Pull out the center pith and seeds if you are using a bell pepper.

Step 9: Place the vegetable circles in the frying pan or skillet to cook on the campfire.

It’s a good idea to add cooking fat.

Step 10: The egg should be in the middle of the vegetable ring.

Cook until the egg is firm.

Step 11: Don’t remove.

You can either eat the vegetable ring or remove it.