Don’t cry at a funeral.

It’s normal to want to keep your tears out of your eyes at a funeral.It is possible to prevent yourself from crying by concentrating on your breathing and drinking water.The best way to stop tears is to focus on positive things.

Step 1: You can calm down by concentrating on your breathing.

If you feel yourself getting emotional, take deep, slow breaths through your nose.This will calm you down and give you something to focus on.If you want to distract yourself from sad feelings, you can count your breaths.If you want to calm yourself, try inhaling for 5 seconds, holding your breath for a short time, and then exhaling your exhaled breath.

Step 2: You can get rid of the lump in your throat by drinking water.

When you cry, the back of your throat feels as if it has a lump in it, which can make you feel uncomfortable.You will gain better control of your crying if you take sips of water.If you think you will get emotional during the funeral, bring a small bottle of water with you.

Step 3: Relax your facial muscles so you don’t frown.

It’s natural for you to frown when you cry because your facial muscles are tense.Try to relax your face.Relaxing your face will help keep you from crying at the funeral.Take a couple deep breaths and relax your shoulders if you feel your facial muscles tensing up.You can relax other parts of your body as well.

Step 4: Distract yourself from the pain.

Doing things like clenching your fists, biting your lip, or pinching the skin in between your fingers will help shift your emotions.The small amount of pain will help you regain control of your emotions.They’re meant to distract you, so they shouldn’t be very painful.

Step 5: To prevent crying, pinch the bridge of your nose.

If you pinch this section of your face, you’re more likely to stop the tears from flowing.For a few seconds, pinch the bridge of your nose to see if it helps stop crying.It’s not necessary to pinch your nose so hard that it hurts, but to create slight pressure with your fingers.

Step 6: If you feel tears starting, blink your eyes and tilt your head back.

The tears will not fall if you blink several times and tilt your head backwards.You won’t cry as easily if you blink and tilt your head.This method won’t work if you’ve already started crying, since the tears have already spilled.

Step 7: Think of something the person did that made you laugh.

Try to remember a time when the person made you laugh or smile, instead of feeling sad that they are gone.It could be something they said or something you experienced.It will make you feel better if you think about something funny.Maybe the person gave you a funny birthday present or you attended a hilarious play.You can help lift your spirits by focusing on the fun memories.

Step 8: Positive thoughts and events are what you should focus on.

Think of the first positive or funny thing that comes to mind, whether it’s a funny joke, good news at work, or an event you’re looking forward to.You can distract yourself from your sadness by focusing on this positive thought for a minute or two.Maybe you helped a friend out recently and they were very appreciative, or maybe you heard an uplifting song on the radio earlier in the day.

Step 9: You should shift your gaze to another point.

It is helpful to find something in the room to focus on.If you can focus on a section of the wall, a stable object will work.If you want to focus on the thing, try not to talk or make noise.If you find yourself starting to cry during the eulogy, try to focus on a corner of the podium or the back of a stranger’s head.You can focus on an item close to you, such as your handbag, fingernail, or jacket sleeve.

Step 10: Use other thoughts to distract your mind.

If you can distract yourself with other thoughts or tasks, you will be able to focus on the events of the funeral.If you want to prevent yourself from crying, you can do things like sing song lyrics in your head or make a mental grocery list.You can make a list of the things you need to do or recite poetry.