Doll hair should be washed.

With time, a doll’s hair can become dirty and need to be washed.Make sure you choose the right products to wash your doll’s hair.After washing the hair, rinse it off completely.Follow manufacturer’s instructions when working with expensive dolls.

Step 1: The doll’s clothing needs to be removed.

Make sure to remove all of the doll’s clothing before washing her hair.You don’t want to ruin a doll’s clothes during the washing process.There should be no hair clips or accessories in the doll’s hair.If you want to remove hair ties, comb through the doll’s hair first.

Step 2: You can use a product in the doll’s hair.

You should find the right product to use in the doll’s hair once you’ve prepared it.Depending on the doll, the type of product you use depends.To care for a Barbie doll, use a mild conditioner and soap.It’s best to use baby wash.If you have a doll with similar hair to a Barbie doll, consider using these products.If your doll’s hair is damaged, use a fabric softener.It can help clean out the doll’s hair and restore its glow.It can remove odors from a doll’s hair.Mild products work best.The hair of a doll is more delicate than a human’s.

Step 3: The water should be prepared.

The water should be prepared after you’ve chosen your product.People recommend either cold or warm water.A doll’s hair can be damaged by hot water.Take a small amount of the product.The product should be put into the water.

Step 4: The doll’s hair should be washed.

The doll is in the water.The doll’s hair needs to be lathered.If you notice any knots or tangles along the way, try to work them out as you go.Allow your doll to sit in the water for 10 minutes if her hair is dirty.The process for restoring old doll hair is slightly different if you are using fabric softener.If you need to coat the doll’s hair, you should fill a small bowl or basin.Place the doll’s hair in the bowl and cover it with a soft substance.Allow the doll to sit for 20 minutes.

Step 5: The hair needs to be washed completely.

You should rinse the doll’s hair after soaking and lathering it.Again, use cold or warm water.You need to get all the product out.Dry hair can cause damage.It may take a little longer to wash out a product like fabric softener.

Step 6: The hair should be dried.

After rinsing the hair, pat the doll’s hair dry.Use a clean, dry towel to soak up large amounts of water.If the doll’s hair doesn’t come completely dry with pat, you might have to set it aside and let it air dry.

Step 7: Remove tangles with a brush.

The doll’s hair needs to be brushed out after you’ve dried it.If your doll has a lot of hair, it might be a good idea to brush it out while it’s wet.It’s easier to remove tangles if they haven’t dried into hair.You can leave your doll’s hair with a shine by spraying some leave in conditioner.

Step 8: Synthetic hair can be dangerous.

Synthetic hair is used in older dolls that were made in the ’70s.It is difficult to clean or style this type of hair and it does not respond well to washing or restoration attempts.Buying a new doll may be a better idea than trying to clean dolls with synthetic hair.

Step 9: Before washing doll hair, read manufacturer’s instructions.

Not all doll’s hair should be washed.The American Girl corporation advises against washing your doll’s hair.If your doll’s hair gets damaged, they have a number you can call.If you still have manufacturer’s instructions for your doll, read them first before attempting to wash your hair on your own.

Step 10: Do not wash the doll’s hair.

Do not wash the hair of a mechanical doll that is still functioning.Even a small amount of water could cause damage, even if you keep your doll’s body dry.