Do you know if a Versace bag is real?

Versace makes a number of attractive bags, but how do you know if they are authentic?Counterfeit bags can be found in both outlet stores and online.The CLG Code can be used to verify that your bag is legitimate.Take a close look at the bag’s seams, stitching, and hardware.It is important to buy from a seller who is willing to guarantee the bag is authentic.

Step 1: You have to enter in the CLG Code.

The Certilogo of CLG is a built-in authenticity code for Versace bags.The code is usually located on the label or hang-tag of the bag.You can enter the code into the Certilogo website to verify authenticity after you found it.The CLG code information must be kept with any bag that is returned.All authentic bags have a unique code.Don’t buy a bag without a code.The Certilogo website requires you to register with it before you can enter your code.

Step 2: The certificate of authenticity is important.

The Versace bag will come with a piece of paper stating that it is authentic.The writing is always black.The inside of the bag is where the certificate is placed.

Step 3: There are two production stickers.

There are two stickers in the interior of the bag.One can show the country of the sale with a U.S. sticker.The bag was produced in Italy.The printing on the stickers should be clear.If there is a chance that you will return the bag, make sure to keep the stickers intact.

Step 4: Request a guarantee of authenticity.

Most sellers will give you a written guarantee that everything in their shop is legit.You can look over the sales policies on the store’s website.Accepting a verbal guarantee or written notice is not a good idea.

Step 5: The official Versace website has a comparison of your bag.

You can find a digital image of the bag on the main Versace website.If the bag is vintage, you can find a few comparison images on the internet.Pay particular attention to the appearance of the lining when you compare the photos and do a one-on-one comparison.

Step 6: Look over the hardware.

You should be able to fit the bag with little effort and no damage to the hardware.One uniform finish is what the hardware should be.If you see dull spots on a shiny finish, be careful.Versace does not use plastic hardware.The hardware on your bag should be the same metal.It is a good idea to lightly tug on each piece of hardware to make sure it is sewn into the bag.The hardware shouldn’t be moved or attached to the bag with glue.If you are buying online, you should get a close-up photo of the hardware and the bag.The designs on the hardware won’t be printed.

Step 7: Look at the stitching.

The stitching should be straight and even.You can see if there is a fake bag by looking over the stitching.It is possible to protect the seams on an authentic bag with a light wax case.Unless they are contrasted, the threads should be the same color.Pull at the sides of the bag with care.It’s a sign that they shouldn’t give at all.

Step 8: You can smell it.

A light leather scent can be found in your bag.If that’s the case, your bag shouldn’t smell at all.A rubbery or chemical smell is a sign that your bag is fake.It’s a good idea to be aware that any fragrances that touch your bag may be absorbed.

Step 9: Pay attention to the packaging.

If you buy a bag new from a store or online, it may come in a box with a dust bag.When not in use, the bag is used to store it.The Versace bag’s hardware won’t be covered with plastic or another layer.This is a sign of a fake.

Step 10: There is a logo on the bag or box.

There should be a consistent Versace logo across all of the packing materials.Instead of printing on the handbag, look for a clear logo on all printed materials and etching.

Step 11: You can buy directly from a Versace store.

The best way to buy a Versace bag is through this method.You can find a store location on the Versace website.Older season merchandise can be found in primary stores and outlets.You could buy a bag online from Versace.It’s a good idea to visit a store in person to look at the bags if you decide to buy online.Don’t go to generic designer bag outlets.These stores are not affiliated with the brand.It is more difficult to determine authenticity because of this.

Step 12: Buy from a good seller.

A seller who has been in business for a while and has gotten a good number of positive reviews is what you want.Narrative reviews on eBay describe how the bag matches up to the photos provided.It’s a good idea to buy from a site where the sellers are held accountable for negative reviews.

Step 13: You can find the seller’s website.

Pay attention to the final URL if you are looking for the main Versace website.Some fake bag sellers use websites with errors.Clicking on each of the website’s links will make sure they are accessible and accurate.A blank support page is a red flag that the site may be selling fake goods.

Step 14: Ask the seller questions.

If you have questions about the Versace bag, the seller should be able to answer them.They should ask about the sources of their bags.How long have they been in business?Discuss the return policies.Ask questions until you are comfortable with your purchase.

Step 15: Ask for more pictures.

They have provided some good photos, but you would like more.The photos should show the specific parts of the bag, such as the threading at the bottom.Request close and distance shots.Make sure the photos you have been given are not on another website.Blurry spots or obscured areas are signs of doctoring.

Step 16: You should pay attention to your instincts.

If you have doubts about the seller, bag, or price, it is best to pause for a moment.If the purchase price seems crazy, you need to check it out.Continue to do your research, just wait a bit.Make a good final purchase by considering your efforts as an investment.Versace has seasonal sales, but they don’t generally lower the price of a bag by half or more.Ask a Versace store for a price comparison when you’re not sure.If the bag is cheaper due to a flaw, this is not the case.Versace will destroy flawed bags instead of selling them.