Do a pose in yoga.

One of the simpler yoga poses is the Vajrasana pose, and it’s considered a sitting pose because you can hold it for long periods of time while you breathe or meditate.With this pose, you sit on your legs and take the weight off your knees.You can make a few changes to increase your comfort if you find the pose uncomfortable.

Step 1: You can kneel on the floor or a yoga mat.

Start the pose by getting on your knees.The hard floor may become uncomfortable after a while, so you may want a yoga mat for this position.Don’t try to hold it if it’s very painful for you.Don’t work on another position.

Step 2: Pull your legs together.

As you kneel, make sure your knees and ankles are together.The bottoms of your feet should be facing upward and you should lay them out flat on the floor.

Step 3: As you exhale, sit on your legs.

Take some of the weight off your knees by resting it on your legs.Don’t sit on your heels.Your back end should be between your heels.Place your hands on your thighs.If you want to find a spot that feels comfortable, you need to move your pelvis forward and backward.

Step 4: If you want to sit up straight, adjust your spine.

Imagine pulling your body upward with a string at the top of your head.Press your tailbone towards the floor.The 2 motions will help you with your spine.As you work on your spine, breathe in and out slowly.When you exhale, push all of the air out of your lungs.

Step 5: Try to hold the position for 30 seconds.

Continue breathing slowly as you sit in this position, and notice how your breath feels as it goes in and out.Good posture is maintained in your spine.If you can’t hold it for 30 seconds, just keep it.If you want to relax your shoulders, move them down from your neck and ears.You have to hold this pose for longer.In this position, you can meditate.If you can’t keep your focus while holding the position, look for a focal point on the wall across from you.Light a candle and focus on the flame.

Step 6: If you have ankle pain, place a blanket under your shins.

You can use the blanket to prop up your feet as you kneel.The toes should not be on the back.Use the number of layers you need to find the most comfortable position as a guide.The blanket can help take pressure off your toe.

Step 7: If you have pain in your knees, place a blanket behind them.

This blanket can help you maintain this position for longer.You can tuck the blanket behind your knees if you roll it or fold it.

Step 8: Adding a yoga block will make sitting more comfortable.

The block should be between your feet.Sit back on the block as you get into position.Taking some of the pressure off your knees and ankles will help support your weight.There are yoga blocks available at athletic stores, big box stores and online.