Do a half up top knot.

The half up top knot is a great hairstyle.It is easy to do and works on all hair lengths.You already have the skills to create the half up top knot.You are only knotting up half of your hair this time.This style is perfect for people who love the look of a messy topknot but also like to wear their hair down.

Step 1: The top section of your hair needs to be separated.

All of your hair needs to be swept back.You don’t want to have a part in your hair.Next, you have to decide how much hair you want to leave down and what amount to put into the top knot.You can either section off all the hair from your ears, or just a little of it on the top.Pick up the top layer and hold it in one hand.

Step 2: The volume should be added to the top layer.

You can use a brush or come and tease the top section.This will make sure that it doesn’t get slicked back to your head.Texturizing spray can be sprayed into the top section to add texture.The style is meant to look effortless and messy, so volume and texture are important.

Step 3: Your top section should be tied into a ponytail.

Once you are satisfied with the amount of hair in your top section, tie it off with a hair tie.People go straight into the topknot if they skip this ponytail step.A ponytail is an intermediate step if you are not a topknot pro.If you have light hair, it is smart to use clear elastics.This will make sure that your hair ties don’t show through, which will distract from the style.

Step 4: Start twisting your hair.

Place your hair around the base of the ponytail.This look is not meant to be perfect.Don’t worry if it’s twisted or not, just make sure that all of your hair is in the ponytail.Use a large hair tie to secure the entire bun.Wrap the hair tie around the coiled section.You may not be able to coil the ponytail many times if you have shorter hair.That is fine!You can get whatever hair you want in a bun.

Step 5: Continue adjusting your top knot until you like it.

You will probably not like the top knot after you secured it.Use your hands to play with the bun once it is secured.Pull on pieces to loosen it up.Even out of the bun.You can mess with it until you like it.

Step 6: The top knot requires the use of bobby pins.

Once you have adjusted your bun to your liking, use bobby pins to secure it.It needs to hold up for the whole day.You can put bobby pins on your hair if it seems a bit loose.

Step 7: The bottom section of hair needs to be styled.

The bottom section of hair can be tackled once your bun is done.If you want, you can use a curling iron on the bottom section.The easiest option is to skip the hot tools.The great thing about this look is that it doesn’t require a lot of styling.

Step 8: Remove the hair from the left side of your head.

To tease the hair at the root, use a comb or brush.This will add volume to the section so that it doesn’t hang limply.You want to make sure the bottom section has the volume and texture you added to the top section.

Step 9: Hair spray can be added.

Your hair should be secured in place once your top knot is perfect.Try to focus on the actual top knot.You want the hair to look soft and touchable, so don’t spray a lot on it.Use a handheld mirror to double check that everything looks good from the back, and enjoy all of the compliment you’re sure to get on your half up top knot!