Do 60s hairdos

The 1960s had fun and glamorous hair styles that were characterized by a lot of lift and volume.bobs were popular at the beginning of the decade.The mid sixties saw the emergence of tall beehive updos and other large styles popularized by music icons of the time.Because of the hippie movement, long hair, natural hair and afros came into style in the late sixties.

Step 1: A tall hive.

Make a horizontal part in your hair, starting above one of your ears and going around your head to divide the top of it from the bottom.The hair should be clipped out of the way.Roll the bottom section against your head in a spiral and place it above the nape of your neck.Take the top section of your hair and divide it into two parts.To tease the top section, hold it straight up and comb from the midsection down to your head.Until your hair is teased, do this.Take a comb and comb the rest of your hair back.Your hair should have been encouraged by the teasing.If you want your hair to stay put, clip the ends of it.You can enjoy this classic look by spraying your hair liberally.

Step 2: Make a ponytail.

If you want to get volumized hair, add a styling product to towel dried hair and blow dry it.Take the front part of your hair and hold it up.If you want to tease it, comb it downward from the midsection to the crown of your head.Make sure you don’t pull your hair back too tightly, because there is still some volume.If you want to create a 60s style bumps at the top of your head, you can loosen the section with a finger and pull it up sideways.To smooth the hair on the top of your head, use a comb.To hide your hair tie, clip a piece of hair around it and put it under a ponytail.

Step 3: A medium-length hairstyle is done.

Your hair needs to be combed until it is tangle-free.Divide your hair into four parts.If you want to give your hair more hold, take one section and give it a spray at the end.Roll the bottom of your hair in the curling iron until you reach a chin level.The process of curling the ends of the other sections of hair involves taking the hair down and holding it there for a few seconds.Pull the front half of your hair out.If you want to tease your hair, hold the end of it in one hand and the midsection in the other.In the same way, tease the rest of your hair.After teasing, flip your hair back so that the teased areas are hidden.If you want, you can spray your hair and add a headband.The hairstyle was most famous on short hair in the 60s.

Step 4: A half-up volumized hairdo is recommended.

If you want to keep the top section of your hair out of the way, first you have to create two parts above your forehead, then take the other part and put it in a bun.Wrap your hair around a 1.5 inch curling iron to give it a wave.Take the hair that you tied up and hold it straight up.To tease your hair, comb it from the midsection to the scalp.If you want to remove the hair from your forehead, flip it.If you want it to be smooth, comb the top.Put the bumped section of hair in the middle of your head and make a half up half down look.

Step 5: You can do a natural hair updo.

The hair should be at the top of your forehead.If you have a straightening iron, use it to get the section straight.Pull the section over to the right side of your head, then hold it against the head side and pin it into a spiral.Put the rest of your hair in a ponytail.Take the ends of your ponytail and twist them around the hair tie to make a high, elegant bun.This look is great for long or medium hair.

Step 6: A braided hippie hairstyle is possible.

If you want to do a simple hippie hairstyle, wear your hair natural.If you have straight or curly hair, you can create two thin braids, one at each temple, and secure them with a hair elastic at the back of your head.

Step 7: You should wear a rounded afro.

You can embrace the hippie side of the 1960s by wearing a round afro.Small sections of hair can be removed with a wide toothed comb.This will cause your hair to grow out.If you want to shape your hair, use styling products.It is possible that you need to get your hair cut so that it is the right length on all sides and can make a rounded look.

Step 8: There is an angle to the hair.

To give your hair a natural texture, wash and air dry it.Take the back section of your hair and hold it up.If you want to give it more volume, back comb it from the midsection.To smooth your hair, lay it back on your head and comb the top of it.Pin the hair on one side of your face across from the other so that it doesn’t fall off.If you have a long and short bob, this style is extra mod and high fashion.

Step 9: It’s time to style your cut.

If you already have a pixie cut, make it 60s-esque by brushing it.Adding shine pomade and brushing your bangs to the side will give it a 60s flair.The model Twiggy popularized the look.

Step 10: Do a mop.

If you already have a mop top style haircut with long bangs and hair that falls to the ears and touches your shoulders in the back, you can maintain it by adding product and smoothing it.If you have wavy or curly hair, you can use a styling product to get more volume in it.If you want to cover your eyebrows, comb your bangs straight down.The boyish look was popularized by The Beatles in the early stages of their career.

Step 11: There is a pompadour hairstyle.

If you want to do this late 50s, early 60s hairstyle, you need to work on damp hair.If you want to give your hair extra texture, apply a hair cream or gel to push the hair back and forth.If you want to blow dry your hair, aim the dryer at your face and spray it with heat protectant.If you want to keep your hair in place, apply a styling aid such as a wax paste.

Step 12: It’s a good idea to do a sleek side part look.

If you want to do this style, your hair should be about one inch on the sides and 10.16 cm on top.Aim the dryer so that it blows your hair back.When your hair is almost dry, comb the sides of it toward the nape of your neck and add pomade with your fingers.To make a straight side part on one side of your head, use the comb to brush your hair to either side.Put your hand on the top of your head and push it toward your forehead.Make the style last longer by spraying it with thwirp.