Dental wax can be applied to braces.

If you have braces, they may rub against the insides of your cheeks or lips.In the first days and weeks of wearing braces, there can be sore spots on the inside of your mouth.The best way to treat this is to apply dental wax to your braces.The wax makes a barrier between your braces and other parts of your body.The wax is easy to apply and will most likely have been supplied by your orthodontist.

Step 1: You can get a box of dental wax.

Your orthodontist may have given you a pack of essential supplies when you first got your braces.There should have been dental wax in the pack.If you lose it or run out, you can buy another box from your local drugstore or ask your orthodontist for more.When you first have your braces, they will need more wax because they irritate the inside of your mouth.You may find that you don’t need as much wax over time because the skin on the inside of your mouth will toughen up.

Step 2: You should wash your hands.

For at least 20 seconds, wash your hands with soap and water.If you have a cut or sore, you don’t want to bring anybacteria into your mouth.

Step 3: Put a ball of wax in it’s shape.

Pull off a small piece of wax from the pack and roll it into a ball.You want it to be big enough to cover the brackets.A blob the size of a popcorn will usually do the job.Roll the wax for a while.The warmth from your fingers will make it easier to use.The wax may fall off if too much is used.

Step 4: There are areas that are painful.

Any area where metal is bothering your lips and cheeks can be covered with wax.The brackets on your front teeth and the wires at the back of your mouth are the most common places.If you want to look for bright red or swollen areas, pull your cheek out and gently probe it.All of these should be protected before they become cuts or infections.If you can’t see, use a spoon or metal rod to push out your cheek.

Step 5: You need to brush your teeth.

It isn’t necessary, but it may help keep the wax cleaner.If you plan to apply the wax, you need to remove any food stuck in the braces.

Step 6: It’s time to dry off your braces.

Dry off your braces with a tissue before applying wax.The longer the wax sticks, the more dry the area is.

Step 7: Press the wax over the pain.

Pressing the ball of wax over the wire will cause you pain.If the wire is in the back of your mouth, push as far as you can and use your tongue and forefinger to position the wax.The wax is non-toxic, so it doesn’t matter if you swallow it.

Step 8: Rub it in place.

Rub your forefinger over the wax and stick it in place.The wax should stick out a little.

Step 9: Allow the wax to work.

Your mouth should heal quickly once you apply wax to your braces.It is possible to heal sore spots with the help of the wax barrier.As you get used to your braces, they will cause less irritation and you won’t have to use the wax as often.

Step 10: The wax should be applied regularly.

When you are out and about, keep some wax on you.Whenever the wax starts to fall off, replace it twice a day.Don’t leave it on for more than two days, as it can cause problems.As you eat, the wax will pick up food.After you finish your meal, replace the dirty wax if the braces are too painful.If you don’t remove the wax before brushing your teeth, it will get caught in your toothbrush.

Step 11: Consider dental silicone.

Silicone is an alternative to dental wax.You apply it to braces.You will have to reapply it less frequently because the silicone is more resistant to saliva and enzymes in your mouth.Your braces must be completely dry before you apply them.If you want to try it out, you should ask your dentist for a tester pack or buy a small amount from the store.

Step 12: If the pain persists, contact your orthodontist.

Get in touch with your orthodontist if you’ve tried wax and silicone and they haven’t helped.More serious problems can be caused by persistent irritation and sores.Don’t be afraid to get in touch with your orthodontist if you are having a hard time with braces.They will make them more comfortable.