Dedication of a book.

Book dedications were started as a way to give thanks to a patron, often in exchange for money to finance the book.They are a way to express gratitude for inspiration and are often very personal.It is up to you to decide if you want to claim the honor of the book dedication.

Step 1: Brainstorm names of people.

A list of people you might dedicate a book to.They could include your spouse, partner, children, parents or friend.Who is most important to you as a writer?It is possible that you have a reason for writing this book.You might write a book about that person.This person could be a good choice for the dedication.Do you know the person you are dedicating the book to?You can come up with names of people that you admire.

Step 2: List people who are not appropriate for this dedication.

A certain person is not an appropriate choice because of the book’s subject matter.If you have a book with troubling or adult subject matter, you may not want to dedicate it to a child.

Step 3: Make a list of the book’s themes.

If you don’t have a specific person in mind to dedicate your book to, consider dedicating it to someone who supports the themes in the book.You might be able to figure out who is the best person for your dedication.

Step 4: Brainstorm explains why you want to dedicate the book to someone.

You could dedicate a book to someone who inspired you or encouraged you to become a writer.Some people contributed to your writing career.Think about how they contributed to the project.

Step 5: A promise or request can be fulfilled.

You might have promised a spouse or friend that you would dedicate your first book to them.You might want to dedicate your book to them.Someone may have asked you to dedicate the book to them.Don’t feel like you have to dedicate your book to someone.If it doesn’t feel right to choose that person, you can choose someone else.Explain to that person why they weren’t chosen.

Step 6: Pick something that is not a person.

You don’t have to choose a person for dedication.You could choose a pet, for example, or an object that inspired you as you worked on the book.In her book, Robin Hobb dedicated the book to her companions through many a long night of writing.

Step 7: Simply begin the dedication.

The words “To,” “For,” or “In Loving Memory” are used in many dedications.King C. Gillette dedicated his book, The People’s Corporation, to mankind.

Step 8: Your dedication should reflect your personality.

A light-hearted and humorous dedication might seem out of place for a very formal person.If you are casual, your dedication might not be formal.Think about how your personality is reflected in your dedication.Neil Gaiman dedicated his book Anansi Boys to an unnamed person: “You know how it is.”Once again, the author has dedicated a book to someone else and not to you, because we haven’t yet met, and are just crazy about each other.

Step 9: You should reflect on your relationship with the person you are dedicating the book to.

You can use an inside joke or write a very personal dedication.Tad Williams dedicated his Otherland book series to his father in a funny and endearing way.If someone doesn’t tell Dad about this, he’ll never know.

Step 10: Your book’s central message should be reinforced.

The dedication is a good place to thank someone for their contribution to the book’s theme.The author of Welfare in America dedicated his book to someone who worked to improve people’s welfare.The dedication to the first Lemony Snicket book was simply: “To Beatrice– darling, dearest, dead.”The joke about Beatrice’s deadness continued because of the dedication for each subsequent book.The tone of the book is set by this dedication.

Step 11: A quotation or poem can be used.

There could be a quotation or a short poem that you love.You can use a quote or poem to dedicate your book to someone.You could use a quote or poem and skip the person’s name.It could be a quote from someone you know.

Step 12: You can find dedications from your favorite authors.

Search online for book dedications and see how others have honored people in their lives with a sincere or humorous dedication.

Step 13: Make sure to check spelling and grammar.

Have people read your dedication.Things are spelled correctly if your meaning is clear.Your editor should read it.

Step 14: Finalize your work.

The page is where most dedications are centered.It might be better to be aligned to the left.The original format may be preserved for some types of dedications.If you include a poem as your dedication, you should use the original format of the poem.

Step 15: Tell the person you are dedicating the book to.

Let this person know that your book will be dedicated to them.You don’t have to give them a chance to decline the dedication.It might be a good idea to give them a heads-up.It would be helpful if the person knew about the dedication because fans might respond in a positive way.