Cut flowers can be preserved longer.

If a preserving agent is used, the flowers will last longer.It is possible to extend the life of cut flowers by using an agent such as Glycerin.It’s easy to add glycerin to cut flowers, but you need to make sure that the ratio of water to glycerin is accurate, as well as preparing the flowers so that they can absorb the solution.

Step 1: Pick or purchase the flowers.

Choose flowers that are in good condition and not damaged.It doesn’t fix the appearance of flowers.

Step 2: The flower stems should be cut across their bottoms.

The surface area is increased to allow the water to be plentiful.

Step 3: The leaves need to be removed from the stems.

If left on, they will turn murky in the water and begin to rot, which will make it smell bad.They’re not needed.

Step 4: Remove the skin from the stem.

The stem is removed around 6 centimeters.The easier it is for the glycerin to access the flower stem, the better the take-up of the solution.

Step 5: Add water and glycerin to a small bowl.

To combine, stir.

Step 6: The solution should be put into the container.

The flowers will stand.

Step 7: The flowers should be placed in the solution.

Don’t push the flowers in too tightly and make sure the air circulation between them is good.

Step 8: Enjoy flowers for a long time.

If you like, you can keep the dried flowers for dried floral arrangements.