crochet a hair scrunchie

Scrunchies are a good way to pull your hair back.Compared to a regular hair band, the scrunchie’s “scrunched” material pulls less and reduces breakage, all while dressing up your hairstyle.It’s a great project for beginners, rainy days, or using up those leftover balls of yarn.

Step 1: You can choose how long you want it to be.

You can play with the size by crocheting a tube around the elastic hair band.You will need more yarn for larger snoozies.Plan to make your tube longer.You can extend the chain stitch for a puffed up snoozing.

Step 2: Pick a texture.

Different types of yarn have different qualities.There are many choices for children and the young at heart.There is a sleek effect for a hair accessory.Ribbon yarn can be used for a sporty style.It is more difficult to work with textured yarns.

Step 3: Pick a color.

Scrunchies are either obvious or subtle depending on the color and texture.Tones that contrast with the hair color stand out, while those that blend are less likely to draw attention to themselves.Bright colors like pink, purple, or yellow are a cheerful choice, while darker colors such as navy and black work better with more neutral or classic styles.

Step 4: If you don’t already have them, buy them.

You can get a crochet needle, yarn, and knitting needle at a craft store.Those with metal joiner hair bands tend to last longer.You can buy these at a drugstore.Some stores may carry them.

Step 5: A slip stitch is made.

You can do this from the end of the yarn.The yarn can be used to make a loop.The free end should pass behind the loop.The crochet hook should be inserted through the loop.Pull the yarn through the loop and into the hook’s working area.Pull the free end of the slipknot to tighten it.The loop should be loose and easy to slide along the hook.You should have at least 6 inches left on the free end.

Step 6: A chain of 10 to 12 stitches.

If you want a bigger tube, you might need to make this longer.Pass the yarn over from behind the hook to start your chain stitch.The yarn can be drawn through the loop on the yarn using the hook end.You have your first chain stitch.You should repeat this step nine to eleven more times.

Step 7: Pass one end of the chain through the hair band and slip stitch the two ends together to form a loop.

The first chain has a loop next to the slipknot.The yarn is over.Pull the yarn through the loops.You want to have two interlocked circles with the loop going through the hair band.The base round will be this one.To mark the end of the first round, place a marker on the slip stitch.

Step 8: Make 3 more chain stitches.

Pull the new stitch through when you push the hook through it.The base should be held horizontal with the three new stitches standing upright.

Step 9: Work a double crochet stitch into each of the remaining chain stitches on the base round.

The crochet hook should be pushed through the stitch.Yarn over twice.If you want to push the hook through the work, you should wrap the yarn around it twice.The hook should be pushed through.

Step 10: Join the round with a slipstitch.

A round can be formed by working a slip stitch from your current stitch to the third chain stitch.

Step 11: Step 3 should be repeated ten to twenty times.

You will see that you are making a tube that protects the hair band.The hair band will be followed by the tube.

Step 12: The tube length should be checked.

Without stretching, your last round should reach the bottom of your base round.You may be tempted to cheat, but this will result in a small and flat scrunchie.It is time to join the two ends into a shape.

Step 13: Leave 15 inches (40 cm) of yarn from the hook when you break off the yarn.

You’re going to sew up the edges with this yarn.Attach a knitting needle to the end of the yarn and sew the edges together.Make sure the stitches line up so that you get a smooth join.Break off the knot at the end of the yarn.Leave about 10 cm of yarn.

Step 14: Take the remaining thread and put it in the scrunchie.

You can use the yarn needle or hook.

Step 15: Wrap it up and give it as a gift.

You will be making a lot more once you see how easy it is.