Clean aluminum window frames.

Over time, aluminum window frames lose some of their shine.They need both indoor and outdoor cleaning.Commercial cleaners and household products can be used to clean frames.If you follow package instructions closely, you can avoid damaging your window frames.

Step 1: The frames should be used in the water.

If you have a hose, use it to get the aluminum frames wet.This will make your cleaner more effective by removing a small layer of dirt.If you don’t have a hose, use a bucket of water to get the frames wet.

Step 2: Grease spots should be removed with a commercial cleaner.

You can buy a solvent-based cleaner at a hardware store.Make sure the cleaner is safe to use.Grease spots and stains should be treated with a commercial cleaner.Refer to the instructions in the manual.It is a good idea for most cleaners to sit on the stain for a while.Once the cleaner has set, make sure to rinse it off.The safety instructions on your cleaner should be looked at as well.Gloves or goggles should be used.

Step 3: Baking soda and lemon juice can be used to make a paste.

Baking soda and lemon juice can be used to clean aluminum and leave it looking shiny.After applying a commercial cleaner to the stains, give the whole frame a scrub with a paste made of lemon juice and baking soda.

Step 4: You need to apply your paste.

Rub the paste with a sponge or rag.Until it dries, the paste should remain on the window frame.The exact time will be determined by the current climate in your area.You need to apply the paste to the entire window frame.There are cracks and crevices in the window.If you need a scrub brush to get into certain places, use it to apply the cleaner.

Step 5: The frames need to be cleaned.

After the paste has dried, use a damp sponge to remove it.Water can be used to rinse off the paint and commercial cleaner.Continue rinsing until the water runs clean.There could be damage to your windows.When you are done polishing your frames, use steel wool and water.

Step 6: Use a damp cloth to wipe down the frames.

Before you start cleaning, make sure your window frames are wet.This will make the cleaning process easier.Run a sponge along the full frame and make sure to get into cracks and crevices.If certain areas are hard to reach using a sponge, use a scrub brush.

Step 7: You can use the same cleaners outdoors.

If the cleaners are safe for the outdoor frames, they will be safe in the indoor frames.Use a solvent-based cleaner as well as a paste made from lemon juice and baking soda.Before applying commercial cleaners to your window frames, make sure they are safe to use inside.

Step 8: Use a scouring pad to apply your cleaner.

A pad is used to remove dirt and debris.Use a scouring pad to apply your cleaners.It helps remove debris from window frames that are stuck on messes in the kitchen.If you don’t have pads, you can buy them at most department stores.If you want to target obvious stains, apply the solvent-based cleaner first.Before cleaning the cleaner off, allow it to sit on as long as the package recommends.Second, apply your lemon juice and baking soda paste.Before rinsing your frames, let the paste dry.

Step 9: The frames should be washed and dry.

Use a damp sponge to rinse off your frames.Rub off the remaining water with a dry cloth after rinsing them.After the cleaning process, indoor frames need to be dried.You can Polish the frames with steel wool and water.

Step 10: Paint thinner and steel wool can be used for tough stains.

Paint thinner applied to steel wool can help remove stains that don’t come off with a commercial cleaner.Before applying paint thinner, make sure to follow package directions.Work the paint thinner into the frames using a steel wool sponge.Use steel wool with care to avoid scratching the frames.soap built into steel wool pads can help you clean.

Step 11: When you’re done, Polish your frames.

The frames may look dull after being cleaned.Use fine steel wool to buff the surface of the frames.Anodizing is a process that can cause outdoor frames to become dull.This looks like rust and cannot be polished off.The frames should be cleaned by a professional.

Step 12: A small part of the window frame is the best place to test your product.

Never apply household products to the full window frame without testing them first.It’s a good idea to apply a product to a small portion of the window frame that is out of sight.Before applying the cleaner to the rest of the window frames, make sure it doesn’t cause a negative reaction.