Call Germany from the USA.

To make a call to Germany from the U.S., you need to dial the exit code and country code of Germany.You will need to pay international calling rates if you are calling from a cell phone.It is possible to make a call using a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service, which may be cheaper than using your regular phone service.

Step 1: The number is 012.

If you want to place an international call, you need to dial this number combination.There is an exit number for phone calls from North America.If you want to dial an international number from Canada, this is the first step.You may be able to dial + if you are calling from a cell phone.

Step 2: Enter 49.

The country code is for Germany.You have to dial it after the exit number and before the actual phone number.The country code is important for making the call go through correctly.

Step 3: If you are calling a phone, punch in the area code.

You have to enter an area code after the country code and before the main number to dial a landline.The area code can be anywhere from 2 to 5 digits.The 0 is only used when making calls within Germany, so leave it off the area code.If you are calling a cell phone number, don’t enter an area code.You can find a full list of German area codes here.

Step 4: You can dial the phone number.

You can enter the main phone number after you dial the area code.The area code is included in the 5-12 digits long German landline numbers.German cell phone numbers are long.If you want to make a phone call, dial 012-49-480-123456789.For a cell phone, you can dial.

Step 5: You can make a call to another user of the same software.

You can make free online voice and video calls to other users anywhere in the world with the help of VoIP services.Simply select the name of the person you would like to call from your list of contacts and then choose the voice or video call option to connect.The call will be free for both of you if the person you are trying to call has the same software downloaded and set up.

Step 6: You can use Skype credit.

If the person you are trying to call doesn’t have an equivalent service, you can call them directly over the internet.You can dial a German phone number from your computer or mobile device.Click the button to make a call.Go to the dial pad button.The U.S. exit number and country code are automatically filled in in some versions of Skype.To get the “+” to appear, hold the key for 2 seconds and then add “49.”If you don’t have enough funds, you can add more.Pay-as-you-go calling rates for Germany range from 2.3 to 29.5/minute, although you can get cheaper rates with one of the international subscription packages.

Step 7: You can place a call to a German phone number.

You can call German numbers from your phone or computer if you have a Google Voice account.You can add money to your account by going to the “Payments” menu in your app or at you are using a phone or other mobile device, click the “Calls” button at the bottom to place the call.Hit the call button if you want to call a specific number.You can call from your computer by going to make a call, open the “Calls” tab and select “Make a Call” followed by the number you want to call.Once you initiate the call, you will hear or see a message telling you how much your call will cost.You can find the rates for calling Germany here.