Be a modern hippie.

Being a hippie can be rewarding.The ideas and looks of the Hippies have changed a lot.For many in the culture, drug use with modern Hippies is true.If you feel a natural inclination towards the ideology and aesthetic, but not for the drug culture surrounding it, then you should abandon the hippie lifestyle.

Step 1: You should eat organic foods.

Don’t buy genetically modified foods at all costs.Hippies believe that it is better for the earth and the body.Hippies used to eat to sustain themselves and the planet.The reason people eat this way is because they treat their bodies like temples.Pick out the purest ingredients you can find.The highest quality food is assured when you grow your own produce and raise livestock.You will have to rely on others if this is not possible.You can check labels at the store.The ingredients on the box are usually certified organic.You can increase your chances of finding quality ingredients by visiting health-centered grocery stores.

Step 2: Local farms should be supported.

You can support your local community by buying produce and meats from local farmers.You can either work with individual local farmers or subscribe to a farm-to-table program.If you have time, you should get involved with your community and local farmers.A part of modern hippie values is avoiding the processed food industry as much as possible.You can grow your own food to get the best quality.Get started in the local gardening community by volunteering with a local garden.

Step 3: A vegetarian diet is good for you.

A lot of people are vegetarian.Hippies go vegetarian because of their love for animals.One of the highest producers of toxic emissions is industrial cattle farming.It is better to eat a plant-based diet.You can reduce your weekly meat intake if you are struggling with giving up meat.Slowly you will be able to cut it from your diet.Purchase hormone-free meats if you eat meat.

Step 4: Don’t use toxins.

You can cut out toxins from your life by treating your body like a temple.Many diseases can be caused by toxins in the diet.Foods with toxins like crackers or soda should be replaced with vitalizing foods.There are four toxins that can be found in a wide array of processed foods.

Step 5: Drink a lot of it.

The ancient Chinese called it the “immortal health elixir”.When consumed on a regular basis, the health benefits of drinking kombucha are tremendous.You can either buy or make your own tea.The health benefits include protecting the health of your liver and cancer prevention.It protects your joints.The health of your gut can be protected by using Kombucha.

Step 6: Let your hair down.

Hippies have long hair.Natural, long hair is seen as a hippie by both girls and guys.Instead of using a flat iron or curling iron, let the hair do its thing.Many modern Hippies dread their hair.This can take a while.Hippie girls have long and wavy hair.

Step 7: Dress like a hippie.

Hippies usually wear floral dresses, flowy dress, high waist jeans, loose blouse, and halter tops.For a good price, thrift stores often sell clothing like this.Individual stores that aren’t a brand name can be used to make your own clothing.Hippies who follow electronic music wear flat-brimmed hats and attach metal twined crystals.

Step 8: Don’t put on makeup.

If you do decide to wear makeup, put on a natural look, as some girls don’t feel comfortable going out of the house without it on.Instead of using that black lipstick, wear a light peach or pink color.Natural products don’t contain harmful chemicals.

Step 9: Let your hair grow.

If you have trouble growing facial hair, don’t sweat it.It is a popular choice for girls to stop shaving.Don’t keep your leg hair, grow out your armpit hair.Thegranola category values natural people in all aspects.

Step 10: You should wear sandals.

The sandal is different today than it was in the heyday of the hippie movement.More modern Hippies are wearing Chacos and Tevas, but you could still wear a similar look.Regardless of the weather, the Chacos and Tevas are comfortable and durable.

Step 11: You should accessorize like a hippie.

Hippies enjoy crystal jewelry and crystal healing.Natural rocks and stones are wrapped in copper wire in other forms of jewelry.Flat-brimmed hats are popular, but the old school hippie wore large straw hats.A popular bag for modern Hippies is the fyn packs.

Step 12: Use essential oils.

Hippies don’t use products that are mainstream and can be found in a drug store.To wear essential oil as a fragrance, you should go to a natural foods store and find a scent that you can apply to your skin.patchouli is a popular scent among modern Hippies, but you can use any scent that catches your eye.

Step 13: You should be an individual.

Hippies want to be themselves.Speak your opinion if you don’t agree with something.Don’t agree with things that seem cool.Hippies are not like that.

Step 14: Cool, collected, and be calm.

Hippies are usually laid back.Take deep breaths and sit back for a while if you are stressed out.If you have a tendency to be stressed out, begin meditating.In the 1960s it was popular and now it holds many health benefits.Seek out a center that specializes in meditation.Practice yoga and the philosophy of yogis is one way to deal with stressors.

Step 15: Speak your mind and find your opinion.

Are you against the prison industry paying inmates too little?Let your voice be heard.Against the war?Share your thoughts!The Vietnam war was protested by Hippies in the 60s to 70s.Fight against social justice.Don’t feel limited to Hippie issues.There are many communities that need to be fought for.You can get involved with contemporary issues by becoming a member ofAmnesty International.Amnesty International campaigns against issues like arms control, corporate accountability, discrimination, freedom of expression, refugees, and much more.

Step 16: You should get in touch with nature.

Feel the sun on your skin when you get some fresh air.The old school hippie believed that nature has the answers to life’s most important questions.The old mentality was to show respect to mother nature and be in contact with our natural animal essence.Take a break to go on hikes.Try backpacking.You can live off a limited amount of supplies in the wilderness.

Step 17: Stay away from drugs.

You don’t need to get into drugs if you want to be a hippie.Hippies are known for experimenting with drugs.There are dangers and long-term effects of using recreational drugs.Don’t start because you want to look like a hippie.Hippies focus on getting a “natural high” through meditation and spirituality.Many people from the past and today connect with Buddhism and Taoists.

Step 18: You should be open-minded.

Accept that not everyone is going to agree with you on an issue.Try to see the argument from the other person’s point of view.You should try to listen to everyone without getting angry.

Step 19: Be curious.

As much as possible.Try to get good grades if you’re still in school.Hippies aren’t ignorant about issues going around them and are very intelligent.Think about subjects like philosophy and environmental science.Jack Kerouac’s On the Road is one of the books you should read.

Step 20: Care for the environment.

Donate as much as possible.Trash should never be thrown on the ground.The mentality of a modern hippie is to save the planet.Instead of cutting them down, plant flowers and trees.Use less water and paper.Practice the three R’s of environmentalism.

Step 21: You can listen to the oldies.

Rock n’ roll from the 1960s and 1970s are known as classic hippie music.The counterculture was increasing during this time period.You should not force yourself to listen to oldies if you don’t like them.There are many different music styles that are considered modern hippie.You can give these classic albums a chance before you dismiss them.If You can Believe Your Eyes and Ears is a song by The Mamas and the Papas.

Step 22: Get into electronic music.

The newer strides in electronic music are different to the older generation.Many young people who identify as being a hippie prefer newer styles of electronic music.psytrance is a genre that has become very popular with the modern hippie.Drug experimentation is associated with this type of music and concert experience.jam band music is deeply related to electronic music.

Step 23: Jam bands should be respected.

jam bands are a staple of the hippie movement.They have evolved throughout the decades and have been a staple since The Dead and Allman Brothers.It is not necessary to like jam bands in order to be a hippie.There are newer jams from the first generation.Dance music, Disco Biscuits, is one genre that crosses into other genres like bluegrass and Yonder Mountain String Band.

Step 24: You can attend music festivals.

More and more music festivals have popped up around the world since Woodstock.The Burning Man festival is one of the biggest in the world, with regular attendees called burners.Almost all of the music festivals feature a “hippie band”.