Basil cuttings can be grown.

Growing basil from cuttings is an easy, cheap way to get more basil plants and give yourself an endless supply of the herb!If you already have a healthy basil plant, you can start growing new plants right away.You can find a list of tips and tricks for growing basil.

Step 1: A nice leafy stem is what you want.

Look at your basil plant and choose a stem that doesn’t have any seeds or flowers growing from it.If you find a suitable stem, make sure it isn’t starting to grow a seed stalk at the crown.

Step 2: It is long enough to stick in water.

Pull the stem off the plant with a pair of scissors.Make sure the stem is still 3–4 in after you cut it.Before cutting any type of plant, scissors should be soaked in a solution of bleach and water for 30 minutes.The spread of diseases to plants is prevented by this.When you are.

Step 3: This is used to prepare the stem for propagation.

Pull the leaves from the bottom of the stem and leave them at the top.You can use the leaves in the kitchen by setting them aside.

Step 4: The stem will grow in the water.

Place the stem in a clear bottle or jar.Make sure the stem is submerged.If leaves are submerged in water, they will rot.

Step 5: Basil needs a lot of sunlight to grow.

If you have a sunny window in your kitchen, you can set the basil there.Any sunny spot you can find is fine if you don’t have a window sill.Basil looks good and smells good, so you could put it on your kitchen counter or dining table.

Step 6: The basil needs water to grow.

Pull the basil stem out of the water and dump it out.Put the basil in the jar or bottle with the fresh water.

Step 7: It can take a month for the stem to root.

If you don’t see roots after a couple of weeks, be patient.Change the water and keep the basil in a sunny spot.

Step 8: It is time to prepare the stem for its new home once it has established roots.

Any pot that is at least 5 in (13 cm) deep will do.The pot should be filled with fresh pre-moistened soil mix.The basil won’t have enough room to grow if you use a shallow pot.Make sure the container you use has holes in it.

Step 9: They are sturdy enough to pot.

Push a hole into the center of the pot.Carefully pack the soil on top of the roots and around the stem after removing the basil stem from the water.

Step 10: That way it doesn’t get sunburned.

It’s great to be inside that gets about 8 hours of sunlight.You could put the basil back in the same windowsill you put it in.The basil is most likely going to receive direct sunlight that can damage it, so you don’t want to put it outside yet.

Step 11: Overwatering is prevented by this.

Make sure the soil is dry by sticking your finger into it.When the soil is wet, try not to get water on the leaves of the basil.It may be a sign that you are over watering.

Step 12: After 1-2 weeks, the plant will be established.

If you are not sure if it is anchored in the soil, gently tug on it.If it is, you can transplant the young basil to an outdoor garden.It is fine to leave the basil in the pot as long as you want.If you want to use fresh basil in the kitchen, you can take leaves off the basil.Picking off leaves encourages new growth.Pick leaves from the top of the plant to help it grow bushier.