Ask your mom for a bra.

It’s normal to be awkward talking to your mom about sensitive topics.This shouldn’t stop you from discussing these topics.When your mom was your age, she was more likely to be understanding and supportive.If your mom doesn’t agree with you that you need a bra, try to understand her reasoning and remain calm.Discuss the issue with a trusted adult if you disagree with her reasoning.

Step 1: You have the right to own your reasons for wanting a bra.

There are valid reasons for wanting a bra.Make your reasons personal.Your mom will be more likely to agree with you if you do this.You will have more confidence in communicating with your mom if you identify your reasons.Remember that your mom needed a bra as well.A bra will provide you with the support you need if you play sports.”I need support and coverage so that I don’t show more than I want, if you are developing and it’s becoming noticeable.”I think people stare at me because they can see I’m not wearing a bra.Parents don’t usually see the “everyone else is doing it” reason as a valid reason.

Step 2: Let us know your feelings.

It’s normal to be nervous or embarrassed about discussing sensitive topics with your mom.Maybe you are afraid your mom will misunderstand you or punish you for asking.Don’t let these feelings stop you from talking to your mom.When you approach your mom about the topic, translate your feelings into words.”I feel a little embarrassed talking about this, but I need to ask you something mom.”I want to know when you started wearing a bra because I think it’s time for me to get one.I hope you understand.

Step 3: Make sure you practice what you say.

Write down the ways in which you want your mom to buy you a bra.Say them out loud and see which one feels right.When you have nailed down what you want to say, rehearse it out loud or in front of the mirror.You could say, “I need to ask you something.”It is not bad, but it is a little embarrassing.I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but my body has been changing recently.I think it’s time to wear a bra.I think a bra would make me feel better about my body.

Step 4: You can arrange a time to talk.

When your mom is busy, try not to bring up the topic.She is less likely to listen to what you have to say if she is busy.If you can arrange a time to talk, give her a heads up.She can give you her full attention if you talk to her about something important.It’s possible to say, “Hey mom, I need to talk to you about something important.”People are usually more open after eating a meal, so bringing up the topic after dinner may work as well.

Step 5: Ask when you’re shopping.

You can suggest the idea of wearing a bra if you are uncomfortable asking your mom directly.You can arrange a time to shop with your mom.If you are going to the bra department in the mall, ask if you can check it out together.Do you think it’s time for me to wear a bra?As you approach the store, you could ask your mother to look in the bra section.I think it’s time for me to wear a bra.

Step 6: You can write a note or send a text.

If you can’t get over your embarrassment, you should try this strategy.You should write a note explaining why you need a bra.When she isn’t busy, give her the note.Tell her to read the note and then talk to you afterwards.You could write a note and then read it to her while you are alone, for example, in the car or on a walk.

Step 7: Stay calm.

Try not to argue, yell or whine if your mom doesn’t agree with you.Stay calm and keep your voice friendly.Ask your mom why now is not the right time.When did you get your first bra or when do you think the right time is?

Step 8: Suggest an alternative.

If you don’t want to wear a bra, but your mom still says no, then do this.Get a training bra, sports bra or camisole with a built-in bra to wear in the meantime.Bring up the topic again after wearing these for a few months.I have been wearing a bra for six months.I think I’m ready to wear a bra.

Step 9: Talk to someone you trust.

If your mom doesn’t understand that a bra will help you feel better about your body, then do this.Discuss the issue with a trusted person.They might be able to give you some advice on how to approach the topic with your mom.You can ask them to discuss the topic with your mom.