As a teen, be a Hippie.

There was a backlash against the 40s and 50s.The hippie movement aimed to break conformity, promote peace and spread social consciousness, and was embraced by young people across the U.S.It can be difficult to become a hippie if you don’t know what you’re doing.Being a hippie is more than what you look like.A change in perspective and a greater propensity for understanding and love is required.

Step 1: Your hair should be shoulder length.

Hippies like to grow their hair long.Long hair is not acceptable in the corporate world for men, and as a hippie you should embrace the counter culture.Hippies can also have dreadlocks.Hippies grew their hair long in protest against the Vietnam War and as a symbol of rebellion against cultural norms of the 40s and 50s.

Step 2: Personal care items that use harmful chemicals should be avoided.

Aerosol cans are bad for the environment because they don’t align with the hippie lifestyle.Being natural is essential to being a hippie, and certain cosmetics and personal care items can contain harmful chemicals, so make sure to read the labels before purchasing.Some hair products are tested on animals.There are harmful toxins in popular brands that destroy essentialbacteria in the soil.

Step 3: You can buy your clothes from a thrift shop.

Hippies don’t care about brands or tags on clothes, so they go against the capitalist machine.You can find a thrift store in your area.You can achieve a hippie look with earth tones or tie dye.You can buy more clothes if you go to a second hand store.Hippies like to wear hemp based clothing.Hippies wear Baja hoodies, sometimes referred to as “drug rugs.”

Step 4: Buy a pair of sunglasses.

A person who is always one with nature is likely to spend most of their time outside.Make sure to get a pair of sunglasses that are fashionable.Hippies like to wear round and aviator sunglasses.If your sunglasses are against the policy, don’t get them taken away.In the early 70s, John Lennon, Janis Joplin, and Jimi Hendrix made round, tinted glasses.

Step 5: Don’t shave your hair.

As a man, it may be standard practice to keep your body hair intact, but women often have to shave their legs and armpits.Hippies need to rebel against archaic and misogynistic ideals that are placed on people.

Step 6: All processed food should be avoided.

Being a hippie means having respect for your own body and this begins with the food you eat.Try to eat more vegetables and fresh fruit and avoid processed foods.You can have a conversation with your parents about natural and healthy eating.If your parents refuse to buy healthy foods, you can join a local food co-op.If you want to eat like a hippie, growing fresh herbs or vegetables in a garden is a good idea.Instead of buying food at the school cafeteria, pack your lunch.

Step 7: There is a local organization that is involved with environmental activism.

Hippies created Earth Day in 1970.If you have extra money, you can donate to an environmental cause.20 million Americans participated in peaceful demonstrations on the first Earth Day.It is possible to volunteer in a garden at your local community center.

Step 8: Stay positive, act relaxed, and go with the flow.

Hippies don’t care about everyday problems like other people do.Hippies try to see the positive in every situation, instead of ruminating on the negative.Being a non-violent person is a hippie belief.If you get worked up during conflict, practice meditating or yoga.

Step 9: Become part of the hippie community by attending outdoor festivals.

Attend outdoor festivals and talk to other people.Ask your parents if you can attend a festival by searching the web.If any of your friends want to go with you, you don’t have to be alone.There are different types of outdoor festivals.If it’s for your age, make sure to check it out.Many of them are over the age of 21.

Step 10: Take a look at revolutionaries and activists of the past.

Hippies protested the Vietnam War.The Civil Rights movement in America was led by many people in the 60’s and 70’s.If you want to understand what it is like to be a socially aware hippie, you should educate yourself on revolutionaries like Martin Luther King Jr, Che Guevara, and Mahatma Gandhi.100,000 people protested against the Vietnam War in 1967.Raising the minimum wage, environmental justice, or any other cause that is important to you can be the subject of peaceful protests in your city.

Step 11: There are jam bands, and folk music.

Hippies listen to a lot of different types of music.It is easy to find bands that are similar to those that existed in the 60s and 70s.The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, and Neil Young are some of the most popular hippie musicians.The modern hippie likes to listen to electronic dance music.

Step 12: Eastern philosophy can be researched online or at a library.

Hippie ideals are heavily influenced by Eastern philosophy, leading many to explore religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, and Native American mysticism.It is not necessary for you to change your religion, but it is important that you understand and respect these practices.Hippies like to explore and accept other cultures and beliefs.

Step 13: You should be educated on the drugs.

It is important to know that the hippie movement was influenced by drugs.Drugs like marijuana and LSD were popular in the past.Hippies use drugs to get a spiritual or self-discovering experience, not to party.Hippie musicians like Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin died of drug overdoses.It is important to wait until you are old enough to use adult substances because your brain is still developing.Do your research on harm reduction.