Accept that your crush doesn’t like you.

You found out that your crush doesn’t like you back.What now?If you try to change their mind, you will most likely leave you feeling worse and annoy your crush too.Accept the news and move on is the healthiest thing to do in this situation.Staying busy, avoiding your crush, and taking care of your emotional health can help you get over rejection.

Step 1: It’s a good idea to spend time on your hobbies.

Throw yourself into the things you enjoy doing.If you used to spend a lot of time thinking about the object of your affections, you can use that time to make a new project, a good book, or a series that you want to watch.Pick up your hobbies again if you dropped them because you were distracted by your crush.

Step 2: Meet people you haven’t met before.

Rather than pining over someone who isn’t interested in you, mix it up with some new people who will appreciate how great you are.You don’t have to go looking for a new crush just yet, but make new friends and reach out to all kinds of people.School, extracurricular activities, community clubs, and volunteer work are some of the best ways to meet people.

Step 3: Try something completely different.

Take your mind off the past by challenging yourself.If you have always wanted to do something but never got around to it, now is the time to give it a try.You could apply for a new job, go on a solo trip, or try to get into a play.

Step 4: You should respect your crush’s boundaries.

Don’t try to change your crush’s mind or prove to them how great you are.It will make you feel a little pathetic, and it might get on their nerves.Leave your crush alone and save your energy for someone who likes you.There are many reasons your crush might not be interested in you.Maybe they like someone else more than you do, or maybe they don’t think you’d be compatible with each other.It does not mean there is anything wrong with you.

Step 5: You need some time to recover.

It is normal to feel awkward around your crush after being rejected.Let them know that you need some time away from them to get over your feelings.They will respect your wishes if they are a good friend.You don’t need to tell your crush that you’re taking some time away from them if you are not really friends with them.It is probably better if you do not.

Step 6: Follow or block your crush on social media.

Resist the urge to follow your crush on social media by not liking or following them.If you are worried about following them later, block them.Once you are over your feelings, you can add them again.

Step 7: Don’t go to places you think your crush might be.

Don’t try to get a glimpse of your crush in the hallway at school or the break room at work, no matter how tempting the idea is.You should put as much distance between yourself and them as possible.If you have to see your crush every day, try to sit far away from them.Be nice.If you see your crush, it is okay to say hello, but don’t linger or start a conversation.

Step 8: Do not ask your friends about your crush.

If you and your crush have mutual friends, let them know that you’re trying to get over some feelings, and ask them not to talk about it for a while.Since this might reignite your old emotions, don’t ask what your crush is up to or if they’re dating anyone.

Step 9: Don’t watch entertainment that reminds you of your crush.

Music, movies, and books can help you get over a flame, but don’t watch movies that make you wallow in your feelings.If certain media makes you think about your crush, cut it out for a while and replace it with something else.Try to get away from it all for a while.You should look for novels and TV shows that take you to different places.

Step 10: Accept your feelings.

You are feeling bad about being turned down.Rejection is something almost everyone has experienced at some point, and there is nothing wrong with liking someone.You can heal from your feelings if you come to terms with them sooner.

Step 11: Grieve the loss of a relationship.

It may feel like you lost someone even though you weren’t in a relationship with them.It will be easier to move on if you allow yourself time and space to grieve.It’s like having a one-sided relationship with a crush.You have an attachment to another person that is not reciprocated.It will take time and space to break that attachment.

Step 12: Find support.

Like your friends and family, seek out the company of people who value you.Try to have some fun with your loved ones, even if you cry or talk about your problems.A day out with your friends or family can make you feel better.

Step 13: List your good qualities.

Take a few minutes to think about the reasons someone would be lucky to be with you.Positive qualities like kindness, as well as little quirks like remembering someone’s favorite foods, should be included.If you save your list, you can look at it when you feel down.

Step 14: Think about your crush.

Your view of your crush might have hidden their bad qualities.Think of all the things that bother you about your crush, from their weird laugh to their inability to remember your name, now that you have a bit more distance from them.You will feel less love-struck in no time.

Step 15: You can express yourself creatively.

You can channel your feelings into art you like to make.It is up to you if you want to show other people your work or not.

Step 16: Good self-care is practiced.

Be gentle with yourself as you recover from the bruised ego and heart.Don’t slack off at school or work.Do your best to eat well, get some exercise, and treat yourself to things that make you feel good about yourself, instead of burying your sadness with endless movie-and-takeout sessions.You can spend an afternoon at your favorite coffee shop or get a new haircut.